10 STEPS: Step 6 - Give yourself time

My 10 steps to enlightenment continued… 


By Kristy Kaye

Time is important to us.  Yet most of us waste a lot of it on things that don't give us fulfillment.

How can you use time more wisely?

Ask yourself what you are passionate about?

Begin to shift more of your time into that.

Make sure it is not being on social media wasting your precious time on trivia.

What is it your present life denies you?

Ask some meaningful questions about your time.

Imagine it to be money and find out if you would spend your money on that.

When you organize your time into priorities you will find that there is a lot more time for you to live your purpose.

Your purpose is to find out who you are and why you are really here on Planet Earth.  Once you establish that you are ready to do the fun part and that is to live that purpose.

Don't just do things you are good at, it could be accomplished tasks from a previous lifetime, which no longer inspire you.  Only settle for those things that motivate and impassion you.

There is always a place you are meant to be.  If there is no energy for where you are, then it is not the right place.  Be loyal to you and follow your dream. Don't make it be about anybody else as that is false passion.

Indeed it can send you adrift for much of your lifetime.

Get back on track and find out what your lone purpose is.  Don't wait for others to get on your bandwagon – it is for you not them.  There is no togetherness when we live as a soul. We have those people in our life we need from time to time, which include partners.  Not always is everything about being a couple at the expense of what we are meant to do for ourselves, which seems to have a big confused following.

Love is the outflow of feeling not emotion and is giving that unconditionally without expecting anything back.  The other is not love but interest and that is something very different.

Living Illumination has a Relationship Course that clarifies the facts of a soul’s intended journey on Planet Earth that inspires us to be loyal to ourselves and follow our own journey.

In this we also learn how to be kind and of service to others’ journey without expecting from them in return.  It is a beautiful course, which shows the true meaning of love.

My ten steps to enlightenment

  1. AWAKEN: Open yourself to change your perspective on just about everything.
  2. BENEFIT:  Expel any limiting ideas or ideals that only bring you down.
  3. HEAL YOUR PAST - Find your power.
  4. COMMIT to your new life by following through on a mission of self-discovery.
  5. FOLLOW YOUR FEELINGS FIRST! Understand the difference between feelings and emotions.
  6. GIVE YOURSELF TIME: Time to meditate on how your life is faring. Carve out of your daily time priorities time for you.  Time to grow!
  7. REGROUP yourself daily USE KEY WORDS! Learn to respect and nurture your energy to maintain balance.
  8. DETACH:  Unplug yourself from the matrix of life.
  9. KILL OBLIGATION: If you feel obliged to do things for others your pathway to enlightenment will be challenged with ups and downs.

© Kristy Kaye 2021