12 Recommendations for Living Consciously

We would like to personally update you on the evolving Coronavirus (COVID-19) situation from Living Illumination’s perspective, as the news, coverage, and changes that we are experiencing are affecting everyone in different ways. 

Firstly, we are here for you. We have adapted very well to virtual communication, so please do not hesitate to get in touch with us either online, over the phone, or by skype.

Secondly, like many other organisations, we are monitoring health and medical advice to stay ahead of the latest developments daily,  and below are the measures we have in place for you, our team and our centres, so that we can provide you with a continuity of service.

Self Care:

We currently have a shifting landscape with people being triggered by distress or fear. Fear is a human response and has facilitated our survival for millions of years, but what once helped us to survive, it doesn’t help us to thrive. How do you manage this initial response so that you can continue to thrive amidst this changing landscape and to propel you toward what you do want – a life full of success, love, meaning, and fulfillment?
Whilst it is necessary to keep yourself informed, with so many media alerts and social media attention it is important to remember you are a unique omnipotent soul that has the power to lift your energy and that of others. This is what mastery is all about. If you can conquer the forces around you in a meaningful way, bigger opportunities will literally arrive at your doorstep. Until they do, you know you are still “paving the way”. Remember, it is not an intellectual game but requires real investment in your soul constitution, not illusion or delusion. There are no shortcuts.

12 Recommendations:

Identifying where you are focusing your energy,  what affects your energy, and then adjusting to use self-care practices and tools you have learned will keep your energy high, including these 12 recommendations:-

  • Using the personal cleansing technique
  • Environmental cleansing
  • Using your Guidance to discern and make decisions
  • Using the ‘Sense, Organise, Act’ technique to put you in your feelings
  • Use affirmations to heal an out-of-balance state
  • Spending time to relax and meditate
  • Practice gratitude
  • Choosing nature or relaxation over news alerts or social media
  • Checking what your focus is – is it fear-based, or are you looking for opportunities
  • If you are confined, choosing self-reflective topics and learning opportunities*
  • Remember....”this too shall pass”
  • Talking with a consultant if you need support

Self Healing, Courses, and Consultations:

Did you know that depression, anxiety or fear weakens the immune system, decreases your ability to fight off illnesses and makes you more vulnerable to common colds, flu, and other viruses?  


Self-healing and training never stops when you want an extraordinary life, and the Living Illumination team is committed to delivering programs, courses and one-to-one consultations, so that you can continue to heal, learn and grow.


We will communicate in the near future on delivering programs and events that have been scheduled. Attendees will be contacted beforehand to be notified of the current plan. In the meantime, if you would like a one-to-one consultation, please get in touch. We are there to offer our love and support you in your journey to pivot from a confident position to live consciously on your terms.

Public Health Practices at our Centres:

We consider you a part of our Living Illumination family and your safety, as well as our consultants, remains our highest priority. We have therefore implemented the policies and procedures for our centres as advised by the World Health Organisation to maintain and uphold a high sanitation standard. We ask that if you have any flu-like symptoms such as coughing, sore throat, fatigue and/or shortness of breath that you contact us and we will organise the delivery of your consultation or course by virtual means. 


Please relax, we are here for you and will work with you so you receive what you need.

We thank you for your continued support and understanding during this evolving situation. 

Best wishes,
The Living Illumination Team

*Two books that we recommended that will progress your learning by Kristy Kaye are listed below. If you do not have a copy, get in touch and we can quickly mail these out to you:

  • The Constitution of the Soul 
  • Raising Children Soul to Soul – Discovering Your Lost Childhood