3 Ways Hindsight Can Become Your Foresight

Have you ever said, “I wish I had the benefit of hindsight!” or “It’s easy for us to say now that choice was wrong, we now have the advantage of hindsight”? Wouldn’t it be great to use that advantage of hindsight, in the moment… right now… to be certain you were making the right choices for your path and to trust in the big picture of the opportunity.

Here are three ways you can bring the power of hindsight to the fore and start reaping the benefits in the present:

  1. Accept and know that you are a spiritual being – A soul is a very special being from the Universe and has a special mission to complete. Yes you have a conscious mind to manage and body too to look after but they both support the Soul. Your soul or spiritual you are the essence of you and when you are in your “feelings”. Your “feelings” are different than your emotions, and it is what compels you or draws you towards an opportunity and gratifies you with a fulfilling outcome, often without explanation. Do you ever wonder what is behind the feeling that no one can explain? The presence of other beings, you sense but are not wholly aware of. You can discover your unique Gifts of Communication at a Living Illumination Universal Workshop.
  2. Discover your Angels – Each of us has a dedicated team of Angels or you may like to call them Guides or Guidance. These Master Souls have mastered what we have set our intentions of a Soul to also master this lifetime and they back us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to help us fulfil our destiny. You may like to consider them as your Board of Directors. You are the CEO of your own life, and they have enough respect for you to allow your free will. They give you over 80 impressions a day and you can communicate with them in clear energy at any time, in your own gift of communication. For you it may be a feeling, a vision, a knowing, or words. They have come to back you to help you uncover everything you need to know about yourself, past and present, so that together you can design and live the future will complete fulfilment and abundance. I discovered all about my own personal team of Angels at a Living Illumination Universal Workshop. When was the last time you had a conversation with your Guidance and benefited from their wisdom that you innately share as is part of your blueprint?
  3. Stop wasting time in your Intellect – Your intellect or conscious mind serves to organise your priorities, once you have all the facts. These facts are sourced from our “feelings” and communicating with our Guidance. We can waste time focusing our energy on societal programming such as money, security, relationships, happiness and a whole lot of other misunderstandings. We can waste so much time complicating decisions and end up feeling anxious, frustrated, inferior, judgemental, isolated or uncertain. This can take us longer to learn and longer to grow. You have the opportunity to have the fulfilment, joy and contentment you so desire and can manifest in your life.

Personally, I trust that my Angels guide me in the big picture of my life, and I use my “feelings” to communicate with them often throughout each day as I orchestrate and manifest my opportunities. I urge you to trust that your situation has a higher purpose and what works out is the best for you and your soul purpose right now.

You can learn all about your Guidance and build a relationship with your Angels as well as how to communicate with them at The Universal Workshop. Click the link www.livingillumincation.com.au/events to register for the next event in your area.