Answering the call within

Answering the call within

By Sashua Benay

Did you know you have a voice of wisdom inside? Created from lifetimes of experiences with all their joys, triumphs, learnings and growth.

Are you listening to its teachings to assist you in your life today?

Would you like to know how to turn up the volume on its foresight and discernment and quiet the voices of doubt?

Well you can.

To Do List:

Start putting yourself on the top of your “To Do” List. Give you the priority over other activities in your day – when you do, the world around you changes and starts to flow in synchronicity with time and energy to still achieve other tasks.

Plan of Attack:

Resist the temptation to fill your day with automatic responses to its demands. You will then start to find the pockets of quiet inspiration.

Quiet Moments:

Our inner voice is heard in the quiet moments. One needs to reign in the distractions, also the lures to comfort zones, or being distracted by others’ “important” agendas, and start to challenge your space to include you.


Stay in the present aware of your environment and avoid the places of fantasy our mind can wonder to. We need to action the insights as this wisdom dictates.


Persistence and patience pays off. Every investment in you will take you one step closer to some inspiring answers that you may not have dared to have questioned before.


Our voice within is dying to share. Listen and explore what it has to say. Give it opportunity and show yourself how sincere you are in your pursuit of being you. Discovering all the beauty, talent, joy and wisdom that resides within from lifetimes of experiences.

When you open your communication to your inner voice the possibilities to learn, heal and grow start to become your new reality. It’s exciting, revealing and a special opportunity to get to know you. Isn’t it time to start?

The Living Illumination Universal Workshops shares with you, techniques to assist you in cleansing your energy so you can hear this magnificent resource within. Learn energy techniques to deal with interference that dilutes the precious messages and open you to the free-flowing insights available to you 24/7.

These strategies are the offer of a lifetime! Embrace the possibilities of a new life and register now for the Universal Workshop in a city near you on the events page of this Living Illumination Website.