Don't let your fear define you

Don't let your fear define you 

By Kristy Kaye

Create your own destiny!

Many of us feel unable to move forward because of fear.  Ask yourself what is your fear? 

Though sometimes even the fear is unable to be identified. 

How is your Loyalty to yourselfA bit challenged?

We can live a fear of authority figures and allow this to rule our life and our decisions.  This can in turn modify our behavior to ‘fit in’ in an effort to avoid feeling ostracised or rejected for being who we are.

We may put all our energy into assuring that our every action or inaction meets with approval, and that our opinions are acceptable.   We can feel wounded if we are still rejected after our efforts to ‘fit in’. 

Somewhere in our early life we may have copied one of our parents displaying these characteristics.  As many people are affected by this kind of thinking, it is easy to become a victim of it.  These are all old religious concepts of good and bad, right and wrong that the culture of our societies can be made up from.  Unfortunately they can turn us into someone indecisive and powerless. 

Not only can you turn this around, but you can create a new destiny by bringing up your power:

Everything that affects us begins and ends in our Internal Dialogue.  Thoughts are powerful like arrows and they affect everyone around them.  When they are negative they can add an underlay of confusion to an otherwise buoyant space.  When they are positive they can enlighten us and those around us in an inspiring way. 

Can you afford to engage in negative thinking?

If we do we can find ourselves spiraling downwards into a well of confused thoughts and actions.  We can feel depressed and entertain a sense of hopelessness as we fail to discipline our thoughts. 

How do we break this cycle?

We need to learn about how our energy centres affect us.  These chakras define our energy into specific understandings, which as you can imagine are vital to our spiritual and physical fitness. They respond to the negative or positive situations we find ourselves in.  It can be in a positive enhancing situation where our energy expands and regroups or a negative diminishing one where our energy affects our joyful outlook on life. 

When we have misunderstandings they affect these seven spiritual chakras, which is where the energy comes from the universe to us and is our life force which assures the continuity of our life on planet earth.   Each of the Chakras affect different parts of our body which is why we can suffer illness.

If one of them is affected adversely different parts of our body will come under stress as this energy is choked by confused souls who are the only ones to benefit and will try to heighten and maintain our misunderstandings to steal our energy. 

Begin to take control of our lives:

“Thoughts rule our world”!

This is true.  We need to balance our thoughts with positive action oriented feelings.  Solutions instead need to rule our world.  We can’t have a problem without also having its solution.  Many of the ways we bring ourselves undone is through not being patient enough to get the facts.  Never fear them, as they are your best friends in every situation. 

Living Illumination has a profile that can fit every situation of unease you encounter.

The Chakra Profile

This profile brings you an in-depth study of any emotional disturbances in your chakras. It can help you maintain a high energy level with techniques to build and repair the energy.  

With consistency these techniques can change negative thoughts patterns permanently as well as educating you about the kind of misunderstandings that created any clouding of your chakras.  

Its maintenance program can change your perspective and give you energy uplifts whenever you need them.

This is a simple yet powerful tool to clear the blocks to your joy of life, and forge a healthy constitution in its reflection.  Reclaim what is rightfully yours – your energy in its totality.

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