Enlightenment – A journey rather than a destination

Enlightenment – A journey rather than a destination
By Leiza Mosley
I have always thought of myself as a seeker.  A person who thrives on learning more; digging deep; growth and development in every area of my life; and has a thirst for continual understanding of the unknown.  In a world of opinion, bias, traditions and beliefs – facts can be hard to find.  I am discovering facts turn into truths when they come from the core light and essence within, and when they are affirmed from my connection to my Guidance.

As we embark on a new calendar year many set new goals and declare new ways of being for the year ahead.  I read a joke, “What’s a New Year’s resolution?” – Something that goes in one year and out the other.  I resonated with that as I reflected on the many years I spent setting up intentions that didn’t have the impetus to last.  How do we create sustainability? 

After yet another incredible year of lessons and learning from personal and planetary perspectives, I now choose to focus on Being. 

I am learning that Being in the present, shining a light on my actions and on my thoughts, allow me to uncover the facts, dispel the egoic mind and the inner-critic and return to the light and love within me. 

This in turn, leads to me holding space between the thoughts I have and the feelings within to discern who I am and who I am being in that moment.  It is in the Being-ness I feel the most love and connection to myself and others.  It is in the Being-ness I feel the most respect for myself and others.  

It is in the Being-ness that I derive the most fulfilment.  It is a practice and the development of a new habit. 

Like all practices, it requires a desire, commitment, and time and space attention. 

It is very sustainable because your personal nature wants nothing but that for yourself. These acts of self-love are priceless. 

When we embark on our own life journey with enlightenment to who we are and who we are being in every present moment, we are able to confidently express ourselves and move through communication and interaction with others from a detached perspective.  This detachment doesn’t mean you don’t care, it simply means you’re not preoccupied with an outcome, opinion or control.  It also brings your awareness to choices you are making and actions you are taking.  This can benefit the whole of you.  Your soul, your physical body and your intellect.   It may also benefit the greater consciousness of the planet, as we each take responsibility for our part.

I also accept that healing is a large part of this journey of enlightenment.  It is in the acknowledging and releasing of the past (whether in this lifetime or past lifetimes) with discerned understanding and forgiveness that frees you to BE you.  You are emitting your own uniqueness, your own frequency, your own vibration.

There are many great sources to be found on this journey of enlightenment and you are free to explore whatever you are gravitated towards.  There is one truth I have learned and that is the light, the knowing, the understanding, the wisdom and the love is ALWAYS within YOU.  

Embrace the year ahead!