Escaping the Comfort Zone: Unravelling Spiritual Truths

Escaping the Comfort Zone: Unravelling Spiritual Truths

By: Ian Mansell

We are creatures of habit.

We find comfort in living predictable routines. Life is easier that way and we are addicted to an easy life.

We don’t have to be in the moment, constantly rechecking everything.

We all carry scars from having missed something – made a mistake – unforgivable me, so we don’t really trust ourself. Therefore we prefer to escape the responsibility of checking and rechecking all the time (in our intellect).

Routines are preferable. Doubting is hard work.

Spooks (meaning earthbound or confused souls) prefer us to be predictable too. They can build nests in our energy when we are predictable. Our nests, our habits, become our comfort zones.

Spooks have a big interest in keeping us in our comfort zones.  They tell us: “Don’t bother trying to think it all out for yourself: just do what we say, it’s much easier!”.

To aid our acceptance of their advice they will send us warnings and fear-inducing propaganda about what might go wrong – just like Murdoch-inspired media does – to make us fear change, to keep us ‘safe’, predictable and hence to keep us as a usable pawn in their power games.

Spooks want to keep us addicted to predictable habits, and we allow this to happen.

Keeping us predictable and compliant instruments is key to their master plan: to harness the energies of mass populations so they can keep feeding their boundless parasitic appetites.

Confusion’s greatest fear is that we will start to exercise our freedom. To choose to rebel against their structures and institutions, to challenge their orthodoxies and to discern for ourselves where the truth really lies. 

As we grow spiritually our ability to discern the truth grows, inevitably and inexorably. By developing awareness of who we are and what factors have shaped our behaviours in the past we begin to understand how we were being manipulated into becoming scapegoats and subsequently the servants of those pursuing greed and power.

Developing this awareness is absolutely necessary if we are to reach the point where we can sincerely forgive ourself and others for what has happened in our pasts. 

Without such forgiveness we can be forever weighed down with burdens of guilt, self-distrust, self-loathing and self-doubt which diminish our potency and undermine the confidence we need to reach true satisfaction and fulfilment from our life.

* * *

The great truth revealed to us through Living Illumination’s program is that all this restriction, limitation and emasculation of our potential really is the product of a conspiracy being run by confused souls.

This is not just another conspiracy ‘theory’: this is the actual conspiracy that underpins all the conspiracy theories you ever heard of!

Understanding the mechanics and machinations of confusion is a bombshell that forces the collapse of many paradigms of the intellect. Our intellect has to step outside its familiar three-dimensional physical world to accommodate itself to the truth about the fourth dimension: time.

Our intellect, which only knows this lifetime, believes time is simply a relentless mechanical calculation that only moves in one direction: forward. In fact, time is a dimension in which we, in our feelings, can and do move backwards and forwards at will.

We are eternal. We have had many past lives. We are still connected to events and emotions from past lives, and we are still affected by people and relationships we had in those lifetimes.

We know this for certain because in Living Illumination we have been trained to detect such souls. We experience tremendous physical and spiritual relief when we work with Spirit to connect these souls back to their correct timeline.

Anyone who has attended a Trance Healing Clinic or a Pathways course knows this to be an undeniable truth!

We now know that we can only properly lift the burdens from past upsets when we get to the truth – the facts - about what really happened back then. Using the bigger picture that only our angels can show us; only then can we see through the misunderstandings that have been keeping us caught in reliving over and over again the emotion of that trauma. 

“You are caught in a memory” is the key to Trance Healings.

Our addictions and our obsessions are the result of our remaining caught in that memory. Like a murder mystery without a final chapter, we can’t stop thinking about “who dunnit” and because we were personally involved we (in our feelings) may still be worried about it centuries later.

Lacking the facts, we didn’t understand how it came about, so we may keep beating ourselves up about our failure to handle the situation successfully. (This is the Visionary gift out of balance).

Once equipped with the truth we can at last forgive ourself. 

Then to completely shift the burden we need to also address the clusters of confused souls who: 

  1. a) were there at the time of the incident and, trapped in that memory, are still blaming themselves too for what went wrong. This includes groups of souls who weren’t even there but have been involved in similar ‘disasters’ at other times and places.
  2. b) other souls who were there at the time and were the victims so are still blaming us for what happened, plus other victims from other similar incidents, and
  3. c) souls who were not there at all but can see we are still upset about it. They enjoy taunting us about it so they can feast on our emotional anguish whenever we are reminded of our ‘guilt’.

Once the truth comes out, all these souls are shaken out of their obsession and brought back to their real timeline. They can then be connected back to their true home in the universe.

In this way Trance Healings are lightening the burden of the entire planet as we liberate confused souls from their pasts.  

Healing after healing, we are diminishing the number of souls caught up in confusion’s army.

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