I’m on my way from misery to happiness today, aha, aha, aha

The Pitfalls of Fixed Pictures about People Stuck In Time

I awoke today (thank you angels) with the tune playing in my head “I’m on my way from to misery to happiness today, aha, aha, aha” from the song “I’m On My Way” by The Proclaimers – do you know that song? It’s remarkably catchy.

I looked up the lyrics (ok, I confess, I usually sing the chorus only), to find out what was the message. Pretty simple – I’m on my way. I haven’t arrived yet, but I’m not the person I was and I am evolving into the person I am meant to be. There has been a path of awareness and insights, developing forgiveness and benevolence for myself and others, a commitment to discovering and changing habits and tendencies that have been flaws in my energy. I gave myself a little self-acknowledgement and pat on the back.

This heightened the day and my interactions and observations with people I engaged with (seriously, thank you angels). Later in the day I engaged with someone who shared a highly critical opinion about someone we both knew that was not my experience. I was fascinated to find out that this person had formed that opinion about an incident that happened almost 20 years ago and had not moved on, nor recognised that that person had grown and changed. It really was stuck energy.

Have you ever found yourself with an opinion about someone (either positive or negative) that you formed a long time ago, and if you are truthful, you are sort of ‘fixed’ with that picture? Have you challenged beliefs that you formed 10, 20, 30 or more years ago?

As adults, often our perception of love comes from our own childhood and how we experienced people when we were just feelings in our first seven years. If you had a mother that adored, flattered and catered to you, you may have expectations that this is normal when you get married. You push away a woman who is asking for mutual respect, truthfulness and responsibility. If your father was absent earning money, you may think that is normal also and push away a man who is giving you too much loving attention because that is not love as you know it. If your sister was a bully, you may form a distrust of females. If your brother, the same. You may form an opinion that these out of balance experiences are the norm for you. As you move into the cycle of 7-14 and 14-21 you move into your intellect and have more experiences with teachers, step parents, bosses, loved ones and others.

You can carry these assumptions and expectations into your adult life and ‘lead’ your life from this pivot, judging, experiencing and attracting others through this filter. Most people support the idea of wanting to belong and often a fairytale is created which promotes confused ideas and ideals – and this desire for belonging can create a ‘fixed picture’ of others. The bad father, the bad step-parent, the good mother, the critical boss or teacher.

What if it wasn’t true? What if it was no longer true?

We awaken.

We evolve.

You change.

People change.

If you don’t check the veracity of your opinions and experiences, and hold onto a ‘fixed picture’ stuck in time about a person or experience, you can operate your adult lives from a child’s perspective. Our intellect delights in being right, however if you are living from the direction of your intellect you will have trouble discerning where things fit for you. You may have your values upside down. You may not have any idea why you are here on Planet Earth.

Every secret you desire to uncover you can find the answers for within you, using your power and your deliberation, with you in control. Even the facts of your childhood. Finding out how to, and committing to, working from the depth of your inner knowledge (your feelings), rather than your intellect can illuminate your inner truth. It is pivotal information to live inner peace in everyone moment of your life.

The pitfalls are living a life of judgment, instead of discernment; caught and committed to a fantasy that does not bring fulfilment; or worse, not evolving as a soul.

Do the work. As Nike famously branded “Just Do It”.

“I’m on my way,

I’m on my way..."

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