Live the life you deserve

Live the life you deserve

By Kristy Kaye

What is it that blocks your success? 

Have you the mindset for it?

What does success mean for you? 

  • Is it happiness?
  • Is it being healthy?
  • Is it having abundance?
  • Or other ideas?

Chances are that you are weathering the programming you have inherited from your early life.  

You may not even believe you have programming.  

But until you look into it, no one but you can change your status quo.  

Before we incarnate into Planet Earth we have trouble we want to fix and contrary to popular beliefs it is friction that helps us to heal it.  

If we are having trouble with relationships, money, or even health, there may be learning for us in overcoming these obstacles to our mainstream happiness.  

How do we do that?  

It is not as difficult as you think.  It is all about self -discovery and gathering some real facts about help that is available to us to do that.  Living the life we deserve is all about discovering what blocks it rather than putting in steps to somehow war against ourselves to brutally change our status quo with changing our intellectual misunderstandings.

They need coaxing out as a better way is found to treat our past and its impact on us.  Living Illumination has all kinds of tools to help people on the pathway to their enlightenment.  

In the Universal Workshop displayed on the website, all of this is explained to help us to find out who we are, where we are going and why.  

In minutes not hours we can find out in-depth facts and instigate healings of our mindset and programming.  

This is the first stage of self-discovery.  We also learn how to acquire a foolproof communication with those special angels who have decided to support us this lifetime particularly if we get stuck in the past following someone else’s script for life instead of our own. 

Give yourself the gift of a lifetime.  Learn about who you are and your soul self.  This is your true destiny as you navigate your lifetime and its ups and downs.

Reveal the past!  Ask your angels questions as you polish the communication skills you have learnt in the Universal Workshop.  

There are so many interesting facts to reveal about who you are and your purpose for coming to Planet Earth.  No one’s story is ever boring because each soul in a body has a special agenda which embodies their past life experiences and defines who they are and what they have come to heal.

Begin your first step today on the most amazing journey of your life – the journey of awakening your Soul to its Truth through self-discovery - at the Living Illumination Universal Workshop.

The discerning step for those who are truly ready for a life they have only dared dream of the Business of Life Workshop.

© Kristy Kaye 2017