Living in glass houses

Living in glass houses 

By Kristy Kaye


The restrictions in our movements created by the pandemic have given us an unusual seat in the gallery of social media looking at the world sharing its most intimate of experiences. Because of the absence of a balanced level of facts we are evaluating our own world and ourselves in its mirror.   This is not a healthy pastime. 

It’s time for us to pull out of its gallery to evaluate the truth of what is happening in our own world.  What is happening to others is of no consequence to us unless we make it so.   We have the power over our own thought processes. 

There are those that want to convince us of their beauty even though it comes from a career under the knife of a cosmetic surgeon.   Others want to project their insecurity about themselves on their level of academic achievements.  

The problem is that the drive of insecurity is relentless in its desire to find approval.  There are many others trying to achieve feats of physical prowess to prove their worth. 

Make no mistake everyone is out to convince you, the spectator, of their superiority. 

It is our own insecurity that makes us try to source affinity with those sharing their stories.  We want to make the space we occupy count.  

Looking out over this chaos and confusion we will not find the direction we seek.  That lives within us and we need quiet uninterrupted time to access our inner guidance and inner truth.  

To make this possible whenever you feel uncomfortable ask yourself for the what (a big picture) of that emotion and when you have that established make it answer the question when? Pausing, giving it time to settle.   

You then pursue the question where? (the direction) being patient to get the facts and finally use the most feeling observation why?

Why does it affect you?  Why is it important to you?  Why are you bothering with emotion about it?  

If you can follow this golden rule regularly you will build a powerful leadership within.  You will find your inner truth and over time with practice you will cease to feel unwanted emotions or waste your precious time witnessing other’s insecurities on play in the social media circus.  

Remember the only person important in our world is ourselves.  We have the power to make or break us. 

Perhaps it’s time you took your focus off others’ lives and put it on your own self loyalty and self-love. 

Why not try it?