Manage My Anger -v- You Manage Your Stupidity!

Manage My Anger -v- You Manage Your Stupidity!

By Living Illumination


Have you felt really angry recently? Been frustrated about someone’s decision that affects you? Been inpatient about how stupid someone could be? Been caught up in an issue that has side-tracked you, and you’re feeling out of sorts about your future and your purpose. You’re not alone.

Many people are re-looking at their life and redefining what their purpose is post Covid in 2022. It is a difficult question because our purpose changes as we embrace refinement and move up the ladder of the states of consciousness, and we heal our past. 

We may wonder what there is to heal, and the answer will be in your early years. What were you unhappy about? Sometimes we bury these experiences because we want our life to appear perfect. But if it were perfect, we would not be here on planet Earth. We may have put on a ‘mask’ and parked away any unhappiness so we can ‘get on with life’. We may have been encouraged into a delusion that excludes some unpleasant things about childhood. We may have embraced a stoic attitude of ‘what doesn’t kill me makes me stronger’, but find we are getting weary of carrying that load.

We have to dig deeper to find out how we may have denied our inner truth to please those in our early life. One easy way to find out about our anger is to list what makes us angry, frustrated or impatient. In what situations are we triggered? Is it to do with our partner, children, siblings, relatives or friends? Is it to do with the government or a local authority? We may be angry in traffic, at certain people or with strangers we have never met before. This is a typical example of shifting blame.

Make a good list. Once it is made, ask yourself, “How does this symbolically relate to me?” When you have the answers, you know what you need to heal within, and as you do so, healing will happen around you. What you love, you have already healed.

To give an example, in our early life, when we work against our inner truth, we feel angry with ourselves for doing that. We do this because we feel pressure, usually from one of our parents or other authority figures in our first seven years, and we may decide with the maturity at that time, 3-7 years old, that we have to modify our behaviour to be loved.

We can then blame this influence and those who participated unconsciously in making us work against ourselves. We want to fit in with our parents and siblings and be loved and accepted by them, and we often make compromises to do this. Then, as we mature, if we have not resolved this anger when people with the same energy present themselves in our life, we take our anger out on them.

You may wonder what “people with the same energy” mean? Many people we meet in our life have a similar energy feel like our parents, siblings, etc. We often marry people with the same energy as our mother or father, particularly if we do not feel loved adequately by one of them. We may then be more attracted to finding love with someone of the same energy as the parent we felt rejected by.

Unfortunately, as time goes on, more often than not, we will undergo the same problems with this person as we had with our parent. People with the same energy usually behave the same way towards us, and inadvertently, we help promote this as they play their script in our relationship with them with the same lines as one of our parents. 

As the gloss or honeymoon wears off, we may feel the same yearning, insecurity, or rejection once again. For much of our lives, experiences of this are repeated because we keep magnetising the same type of people to rebuff us. Eventually, we will resolve our differences amicably by healing them within, a positive result, and/or we will find people with the same energy as our other parent, and our relationship with them will be more constant, even if less exciting.

The anger we feel that is buried within us has to be resolved. Any friction inaugurates the format for a change. Even it if does not feel good, particularly when we do not have the awareness to choose our own adventures down the pathways of redemption in coordination with our angels, it is good for us. Marrying people with whom we have stormy relationships and who force us to stand up for our inner truth can help us mature spiritually. Awareness of who is in our life, our triggers, and why they trigger us is the calling card for healing.

If we want to change the tone of our relationships, forgiveness of ourselves is the best place to begin. We forgive others for working against our inner truth and realise our parents did the best they could, and we chose them for that particular reparative gift. This is a good outcome for everyone. Ignoring it can send us to therapy for too long, and until we address it, there may be no great sequel to our life’s contentment. The tree route of all anger is self-betrayal. Shifting blame lifetime after lifetime compounds and delays our opportunity for inner peace.

Patience and forgiveness are the antidotes to anger. It is a noble purpose, and one cannot really move on spiritually until it is done.

This is what mastery is all about. If you can heal your past and conquer the forces around you in a meaningful way, bigger opportunities will arrive at your doorstep. Until they do, you know that you are still ‘paving the way.’ Remember, it is not an intellectual game but requires real investment in your soul constitution, not illusion or delusion. There are no shortcuts.

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