Purpose-Driven Success: The True Measure of Achievement

Purpose-Driven Success: The True Measure of Achievement

By Sashua Benay

Success - What is it for you?

Success can mean many things to many people. It is a pursuit that can demand much of our attention.  Is it success in business? In life? In our relationships? And if we are successful in one of these areas but not others, does that still make us successful? When someone enquires as to our well-being with the traditional “How are you?”, do you feel compelled to rattle off your accrued accomplishments of success?

It's time to release the pressure value on what success might mean to us and tune into its possibilities.

Success can come with risks in its pursuit.  It can be known to potentially take us on a meaningless life journey. We can strive for many years on what we think is important, but when we get there - we still don’t feel successful. Life can feel empty even though it is full.  Why is that? Why do many put so much time and energy, years of hard sweat and tears into what we think we want only to get there with at best some external acknowledgement or accolades - at worst a feeling of emptiness that is no further filled than when we began.

Whilst that is a bewildering scenario for some, success can come in many pure forms of the life we want to create for ourselves and those around us.  Let’s explore some of them to open an understanding of more of what our strive for “success” can offer us to complement our journey and truly create a life we love.

Where did those ideals come from?

How did we choose what areas in our life to focus on to be successful?

There is no doubt we can be influenced by our upbringing and what was considered important in that environment. We can either be drawn to the ideas and ideals of our parents or significant others who left an impression on us of what was important. Spoken or implied.  What was it for you? Were you sold the recipe book on what a successful life looked like? But once you got all the ingredients together the meal that was served lacked flavour and satisfaction? Have you ever had your head stuck in the sand ploughing away on dreams that someone once told you was important and you believed them?

Alternatively your former years may have sparked the opposite reaction. What we were determined NOT to create. In this instance, we may rebel and go in the complete opposite direction – for example being brought up in a strict household with lots of rules and regulations and end up deliberately finding a path of freedom and creative expression as a counter balance.  We may even partner with someone who also holds these freedom ideals as true.

Or we may be driven to create something “better” or “more” to fill the gaps on our own timeline.  Out of integrity with ourselves and for our loved ones.  Or we may simply be a master of our own destiny free to follow our inner instincts to create our own path. Even then the flavour of our roots and our reaction to them can filter through. 

Consider a short self-reflection exercise to answer these questions for yourself.

With what you hold dear as a measure of success, are you the conformer, the rebel, the searcher or the pathfinder?  Or perhaps you are a combination.

If we live our life in any way in the pursuit of success, it becomes even more important to review whether our focus of success is really OUR idea or pivoting from someone else’s.  Tradition and necessity can also play a big role in this equation.

In Its Pursuit

Either way we can spend a lot of time, energy, money and thought on succeeding in life - whatever that looks like for us.  We are all unique beings and will have our own focus and flavour.

Some obvious measures might be income, profit, material possessions, industry reputation, perceived respect and accolades.

Sometimes we might look up from our laser focus and realise we are surrounded by many comforts and treasures but not by many special people or joy in our lives. We have let our relationships wane.  Especially the one with ourselves.  Or our health may have suffered and we might wonder what it was all for in the first place. Whilst these scenarios might be a bitter pill to swallow, there is hope.  Our simple inquiry can bring us back to more of our truth and we can re-asses, adjust and refocus our direction.  Sometimes with even more determination and honour in our heart.

Physical success of money and possessions can certainly offer a lifetime of experiences. Provided we heed the lessons and capture the growth along the way. Many do want to create a successful life.   And we can amplify this feeling of true reward when it is balanced with other accompaniments.  Like our inner accomplishments, meaningful fulfillments, loved ones to enjoy it with genuinely and perhaps even a sense of purpose that we are contributing to a greater good of impact for others.  Remembering that financial success can be an enabler to get our positive message and gifts out into the world to help more people in more profound ways.

For others, rather than a purely possession-oriented career, some may have a family focus. The well-being of ourselves and our loved ones. The relationships we cultivate and the nurturing and guidance of our children.  This is surely one grand and deeply important measure of success.

Our success could also be focussed on health, community involvement, sharing in education and our wisdom with others.  Wherever our heart chooses to land.

And for some it will be an inner success. One of perhaps contentment or meaningful experiences. It may have a soul centred approach of feeling peace and calm from a knowing that one is living with purpose.  To heal ourselves, grow and evolve into a higher state of consciousness.  Our inherent spirited desire as a soul journeying to planet earth.  A pure fundamental calling and where true fulfilment lives.   One that then elevates every area of our lives, including wealth, health and relationships.  This is what I believe is the most integrous and honest pursuit of our ultimate goal and destiny this lifetime.  And at the very least, it is an excellent and important place to start.

Our alignment with these different measures of success can sometimes be reflected in our pursuit of them.  How do we feel as we invest our focus and energy on these outcomes? Are we stressed? Is it impacting our health? Are we losing touch with certain areas of our life? Manipulating ourselves to believe that these things are in fact important? Putting others before ourselves?

Or alternatively are we invigorated and inspired by our pursuits? Feeling grateful for everyday experiences, synchronicities and opportunities that come our way as if to say we are heading in the right direction. Thriving in the knowing that we are on track on our life’s journey.  Bringing meaning and fulfilment to not only our own lives but that of those around us.  Even with life’s up and down experiences, this is possible for us all.

Are you Ready?

No matter what type of success you’re looking for, there are some fundamental questions that could be helpful to ask yourself. Firstly, are you actually ready for the success you desire?

Many people can sit with daydreams and fantasies about what life could offer them.  Where it can become unstuck is when they remain sitting on the couch watching reruns and going about their transactional life in the hope that their dreams will fall into their lap if they wish for it hard enough. Or alternatively they might be working super hard to strive and do whatever it takes to realise their dreams.  And every version in between.

Wherever you are at on that scale consider these points to ready yourself for the journey of success:

Visualise the success you desire.  Tune in and confirm it is what your heart desires. 

Are you dreaming too big?  Too small?

Are you on a tangent that wasn’t really heartfelt and aligned for you in the first place?

Or are you so on purpose, on point and in the slipstream of energy that you feel fuelled by your direction?

Then consider:

How will that success fit into your life now?  What would change? 

The hours you work?  The time you spend with family?  More time for self-reflection and growth?  Reward for effort? 

What would it mean to live that sustainably?  What could it enable in your life and that of others?

Or are you flying high with inspiration in your heart and wind beneath your feet consciously pursuing a higher calling or even just passionate about a great idea?!

If you address whatever comes up for you, we can help you take it further.  Through spiritual growth, healing sessions and energy techniques offered by us at Living Illumination, you may find some further clarity and insights on your relationship with success.  Ready yourself for change and know deep inside it is what you truly want having cleared the debris of unseen barriers and lenses of the past.  Agile and passionate to take the leap into your vision to finally see it realised.

However you answered, our final question might offer some solace.

Do you Believe?

They say “As you believe it is so”.  This phrase can be powerful in so many ways.

If you believe you are on the right side of good, pursuing a better life for yourself and your loved ones, perhaps even touching your purpose - true belief will fuel you beyond your own energy reserves.  In these instances, it really doesn’t matter what success looks like to you as long as you feel uplifted in the process, have good and clear intentions for all involved and have a sense of meaning and fulfilment along the way.

Believing is a powerful force that can be an enabler as much as a limitation. Choose it to be an enabler. Activate yourself by truly believing in your divine discerned direction. Learn how to check in with your inner guidance for these insights.  That is our superpower!  To support you to develop these skills with our Workshops, Healings and Courses.  That is OUR Purpose at Living Illumination! To help you touch the truth of what’s possible for you, what’s destined for you and where the most energy lies for you to tap into. Be fuelled by belief. It can be your greatest asset.   In Life, Business and the ultimate reward of success.  And that is success in the eyes of your own magnificent higher soul self.  It’s the only one that counts.

What can you do now?

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