Redefining Success: What Are You Supposed To Do With Your Life?

Redefining Success: What Are You Supposed To Do With Your Life?

By: Ian Mansell

This quote (on my Twitter feed today) is from a Japanese artist living in New York, Bella Yuri;

“Success is not about doing what you love to do, it’s about doing what you’re supposed to do”

It may initially seem a bit strange to be talking about what you’re supposed to be doing, because we generally associate that language with what we are expected to do: what our parents, our teachers, our peers, our accountant, and all the other advisors in our life are telling us we need to do to be “successful” in our life. 

These people are speaking in favour of the outward signs of success in our society: 

  • An affluent income
  • A respectable and stable career
  • Indicators of wealth – a good car and phone, nice house, good teeth, fashionable clothes, sophisticated vocabulary, attractive spouse, many friends and so on.

But Bella Yuri is an artist and she is referring to our inner life, where the outward trappings of success are less important than the need to feel fulfilled – satisfied – because we are making progress towards the spiritual goals we set for ourselves this lifetime. 

If we pursue our spiritual goals, our life will be much more challenging. It will not be easy because we will be challenged to change ourselves: to no longer be/relive who we have “always” been. We need to challenge our long-held beliefs, question our thinking and our inner dialogue, and give up our comfort zones. We need to try doing things differently, and that is never easy.

What we are supposed to do is much more likely to involve things like

  • Overcome the habits that have been limiting us in the past
  • Build on our past successes to reach higher levels of refinement
  • Expand our awareness of how our behaviours can affect others around us
  • Develop empathy for differing points of view
  • Learn how to be more successful in broadcasting our own unique wisdom and love

Our angel guides are the best source of information about what we are ‘supposed’ to be doing. They know our past. They were there with us when, prior to incarnating, we set our goals and plans for this lifetime. Even if we have forgotten the plan and are not communicating consciously with our guidance, they are still there working in the background to set up experiences, opportunities and “chance” encounters that can, if we choose to embrace them, send us off in the necessary direction for our spiritual growth.

So where does “doing what you love to do” come into it? What’s wrong with that? Plenty of people out there are telling me the secret to a fulfilling and successful life is to find something you love to do then find a way to make a living out of it.

Well, they are not wrong of course! 

In my own case, I loved playing in the youth orchestra so much that I gave up a science career and spent many years in a practice room refining my skills and struggling against my physical limitations to reach a level that enabled me to have a successful career as a professional musician.

From being an enthusiastic amateur musician in my last lifetime, I chose parents this lifetime whose love of music and financial stability enabled me to pursue the refining of my skills needed to reach this prestigious career. But having arrived at this temple of high art, which I loved so much, I discovered that music was actually only going to be a ‘sidebar’ to my real life.

Doing ‘what I loved to do’ was a great start to break me away from the intellectual world of the laboratory. Years of study in the practice room then revealed the magnitude of what I needed to do to demolish the physical, mental and emotional limitations of who I had become over many lifetimes of living from my intellect. 

But what I was supposed to be was something quite different!

I was fortunate that ‘doing what I loved’ - music - gave me the outer trappings of success, and at the time I would have told you I was perfectly happy and fulfilled, but the truth is that I had no idea what true fulfilment and satisfaction was. I had no idea what awaited me when I embarked on my spiritual journey!

The healings, the revelations, the elation, the inspirations that have come to me through Living Illumination’s programs are surely what I am supposed to do!

So, aside from what you love to do, what are YOU supposed to do with your life?

Here is where True Success lies waiting for you!

What can you do now?

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