What dulls your vitality?

Each day we renew our energy.  We travel to the universe when we sleep at night and regroup our day, letting go of burdens and emotions to arrive fresh and eager for our new day.

What dilutes that?

We may travel through life not realizing our greatest asset is our energy.  It is ninety percent of who we are. If it is low then so will our day be. Things we may want to fall into place to complete or begin may just not happen on those days we have low energy.

Our energy is like a space ship we ride everyday.  It is our means of transport, our home, AND our sanctuary.  Metaphorically speaking, spiritually there are energy computers way more sophisticated than anything that has been invented, that monitor and report everything that happens to us as well as around us back to us. We can engage this intelligence whenever we need to; the problem is we are probably unskilled in using and maintaining it.

We can open our energy to all kinds of toxic emotions that will definitely drain us.  Emotions are not feelings they actually come from our intellect and are false feelings.

Our feelings are something quite different, powerful and can change environments when they are in balance.  We can discern intelligently when we are living them as we can see around corners, know without being told, hear the truth in deceit, and sense how others are behaving and why, feeling their pain on occasions and also when they are emotional.

If we are angry we can loose our energy in ten minutes as the emotions around it send distress signals to entities waiting for the opportunity to join in and drain your energy.

Do you want to know more about your energy?

  • The realities of the existence of souls who interfere with your happiness and achievements?  
  • What dilutes it?
  • Stay tuned for the next Trance Healing Table.

    You can hear about them sharing what they do and how they do it.  It may come as a complete surprise to you that your thoughts are their words.   All this time you may have wrongly imagined that it was your thoughts.

    You can read about a Trance Healing Tables on the website.

    For many people it is like a date they have each month so powerful and relevant are their healings.

    This powerful healing technique facilitated by highly qualified consultants, is the most effective, efficient maintenance program your energy could benefit from.  So if you are truly focused on filling your energy bank, there is no faster way to the top.

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