Your life purpose – what is it?

Your life purpose – what is it?

By Kristy Kaye


The question almost everyone wants the answer to!

If you could fly would you need to know? (which means you already broke out of intellectual captivation).

Have you found anyone who knows their purpose?  

Here in a few hundred words I am going to explore possibilities with you of your life purpose.  

Firstly some questions to answer.

Do you know who you are?  Where you came from? Have you exposed your past lives for answers?  The people you have chosen (and we do choose our families) as loved ones, do they share your passion to discover your purpose?  Or do they just want you to settle down? 

To answer, we can begin by establishing some universal truths.  Everyone comes to Planet Earth to heal learn and grow. Lets start at the beginning.  To heal we have a family, some of whom will stimulate at times some dissatisfaction in us and with our life.  This is their job or in other words a universal truth, not something that only you has found problematic.   

This first part ‘to heal’ has to begin with some difficult decisions.  You have to want to ‘find yourself’ before you find a treadmill to live the rest of your life on.   If you do that ‘find yourself’ (make some potent self discoveries) you will probably make some good mature decisions for the rest of your life.  

To define ‘find yourself’ you may need a little help to recognize how people are doing that.  Some people travel overseas to explore different cultures, traditions, religions and spiritual investigations.  Some stay at home and work on their loyalty to strengthen their resolve and find their courage to be themselves.  Express their truth that is inside them instead of what is taught or assumed and produces a trained response in the outside world usually called society.  

People do this probably somewhere after age 14 or after they finish their education.  

If you did or didn't do that and still wonder at your purpose it is to do just that, discover yourself.  Get to know who you are.  

A Universal Workshop run by Living Illumination can get you started.  Without the tools you learn there, it can be a long and disappointing journey.  

Following that you need group work to expand your sensitivity.  It is in this sensitivity that all your answers about you grow. You feel so good doing the group work and expanding your sensitivity that you cant wait for the next week to find out more about you.  The energy is high and relevant. You can ask the questions you want. The group work is designed to help you discover yourself.  

There is no greater subject matter you can explore other than ‘you’ and ‘how you feel about things’.  

The Group Work also helps you to heal any conflict you have between your thinking and your feeling natures and you can address this in that beautiful healing energy.  

So what better way to discover your purpose than to do the Universal Workshop and follow it up with Group Work.  Your calls have been heard.

© Kristy Kaye 2021