Assistant Director / Design, Consultant, Facilitator of 4th level courses

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Entrepreneur, Business Adviser, and Spiritual Counsellor.

Andrina has spent almost all her adult life juggling business interest with career goals. Beginning at the tender age of thirteen years whilst still attending school she began to help run her parents Japanese trading shop using her Japanese to communicate to staff. A few years later she travelled to Japan manning stalls again on her own with Japanese staff.

In addition to running the stalls and negotiating with her International and Japanese business counterparts she was also learning about their culture and overseeing a successful Business on her own with Japanese staff.

After graduating from Business College she travelled around Australia briefly returning to run her parent’s family’s business as a valuable member of both administration and sales.

Other Interests

At the age of 14 she began coaching junior sport, which she was passionate about. She went through learning various levels of coaching and continued for several years until she moved away from the district.

She founded and ran an organic tea business in 2012, which is still running successfully. She is presently rebranding it to run a different chapter in the future freeing more of her time for Living Illumination.

Before she was 21 years she began a career in spiritual consulting. Having first obtained diplomas in various Consultant facets particularly instructing, and counseling, she has continued her passion for the past 20 years of instructing courses and administrating the day to day business of Living Illumination.

Today her professionalism in this respect is held in high esteem. She, together with a very qualified team run the day to day management and presentation of Living Illumination and takes the role of CEO of the organization.

Today she is passionate about helping others understand themselves and finding the freedom to pursue their dreams losing any inhibiting concepts along their way.

She is adept at training others to meet her high standards of professionalism in educating and supporting searchers spiritually.