QLD, Northern NSW Consultant, Facilitator of 1st level courses

0412 732 582
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Carol Barlow has been contributing to Living Illumination for many years. Her areas of expertise span from Trance Healing Clinics to Instructing and one to one consultations.  Her involvement is driven by her love of education for herself and others and the profound difference this type of targeted support can impact so positively on peoples livesand development.

Carol discovered her passion for education at an early age and this developed into a career in teaching spanning 40 years.  She continues to tutor and offer support to those seeking education in all areas of her life.

Carol’s drive to undertake her own journey with Living Illumination was initially instigated by a major incident in her family which became a catalyst towards finding out more about life, death and everything in between.

She recounts her beginnings fondly with a “by chance” experience of reading an article in the local newspaper which read “Have you felt chills lately?”  This was a typical morning in 2001 for Carol, except for the fact that she had just experienced those chills from head to toe, BEFORE she read the article.  That was enough to propel Carol to her first Workshop with Living Illumination and she hasn’t stopped learning, sharing and loving it ever since!

Carol is excited to work with Spirit and always has the goal of continuing to work with her team of Angels and with Living Illumination.  This opportunity gives life to her great passion of continuing education and healing for herself and others in the best arena of all, that of Spirit.