Ebbin Florence

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I had a feeling within me that there was more to life than chaos, stress, expectations and status. So I  travelled down many roads and explored many spiritual groups possible but none of them fulfilled me or spoke any truth. Until I discovered Living Illumination, which opened me up to a bigger picture of empowering people to find their their own inner wisdom and connection with their guidance. I discovered my guidance have my blue print and my interest best at heart. I unfolded my true soul under the layers of self doubt, lack of self love and self loyalty. By experiencing and living the courses I discovered a new me, my true love my soul part. I am now committed and passionate to encourage people to discover their true self, true purpose and to put fire and passion back into their journey. I have a true concern for people to discover self education -which means finding your own answers deep within you.

I am known for my down to earth & authentic nature through operating a plant nursery business. I am also a disability carer which gives me an understanding of people's sensitivity and true inner core. This gives me a rich experience within my energy to encourage people to reach their soul’s potential & power.

I encourage you to open to a sense of trust and self respect and go deeper into your spiritual journey of self discovery - to find out who you really are amongst the matrix, duties, obligations, and crisis and find a real sense of freedom and truth.