Kelly Manzie

VIC Consultant, Facilitator of 1st Level Courses

0409 252 391 Online schedule not available

I was introduced to Living Illumination after reaching a crossroad in my life. I knew in myself there was much more to life than I was currently living. I started my journey with Living Illumination in December 2016.  It was amazing the information I learnt about my gifts.  While I struggled with doubt and grasping the speed at which my messages would be delivered to me, I did recognise that I had already been connecting with my Guides through my dreams. It took me some time to trust the messages I received as I had been so use to looking to others around me for answers.  The more I trusted the impressions I received, the more I felt empowered in myself.  I find fulfilment in assisting others in clearing out any blocks and find their own empowerment moving forward.  I feel extremely passionate about assisting others to uncover their true essence and connect with their own team of guides, learning about the truth of who they are.