Sashua Benay

Travelling Leader NSW, QLD, VIC Consultant

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A Senior Consultant, Instructor, Healer & Speaker with Living Illumination for the past 15 years, Sashua has undertaken concentrated Spiritual Training to back other Spiritual Searchers delivering in-depth one on one Profiles, Trance Healings, Workshops and Courses which she does passionately and with a genuine true concern for the uniqueness of each soul’s journey.

Sashua’s background in the Corporate world gave her a strong foundation in understanding human development, personality types and team dynamics. Having spent 12 years as a Human Resource Manager, Corporate Trainer and Organisational Development Advisor and completing her Bachelor of Commence majoring in Human Resources, she trained in many tools in the Corporate Psychology field including MBTI, TMS and OPQ, becoming an instructor and coach to other professionals in those techniques.

Inspired by the Healing Modalities Living Illumination offers and experiencing their capacity to facilitate change to a much more profound depth than traditional solutions, Sashua undertook them all for her own journey and has since become qualified to deliver a large array of Profiles, Courses, Workshops and Healings.

She travels extensively to represent Living Illumination with integrity and a charismatic genuine approach at a multitude of events from one on one and small group sessions to large scale expos and training events.

Sashua’s greatest passion is to arm other Spiritual searchers with techniques and inspiration to accelerate their own Spiritual Journey, and in turn to share their wisdom with others. She loves to share insights to help fuel their drive to find their inner truth of who they are, their purpose for being here and to live that truth wholeheartedly. She is a true believer. Knowing that as a whole, we can be the powerful force Spirit needs to change the tide toward Enlightenment.