Embracing Abundance: A Different Perspective

Embracing Abundance: A Different Perspective

By Tracey Tomlinson

In a world often characterised by scarcity and competition, the idea of abundance is more appealing than ever. With the rising cost of living in most countries, abundance is something many people dream of but may feel is out of reach or unachievable. But what if abundance was easier to achieve than you first thought? What if you had control over abundance versus feeling at the mercy of outside circumstances? 

I offer an alternative definition to abundance, “a feeling” that one’s cup overfloweth. If this were the way people judged abundance, each and every person has the opportunity to feel abundance every day. As a sense of fulfilment, prosperity and inner connectedness we can all feel abundance as something that emanates from within, triggered by a thought or an external object that we admire, appreciate or acknowledge.

The Nature of Abundance

At its core, abundance is not merely a surplus of material wealth but a holistic and profound state of being. It is in its essence a feeling. You feel abundant or you don’t. It is not an external parameter by which to judge life upon. It is unique and different for every person. You can feel abundance simply by filling a fruit bowl, almost overflowing, with a variety of fruits, or visiting a stream that is brimming with fish waiting to be caught. It does not have to be related to the dollar figure in your bank account, your net worth, the size of the house you live in or how extravagant it is or is not.

Abundance is a feeling; something that everyone can tap into when they wish to simply by the use of appreciation, admiration or acknowledgement. An example everyone can experience is the recognition that nature is infinitely abundant, providing us with boundless resources. By acknowledging the feeling of nature and its interconnectedness to all things, we can tap into the universal flow of abundance that surrounds us.

Aligning with Purpose

One perspective is that abundance relates to aligning with one's true purpose. This poses the question, what is your true purpose?

Whilst each individual has a unique slant on this according to their blueprint for life and how it plays out in their life differs from one person to the next, in essence, our true purpose is to learn, grow and expand ourselves.

The unlimited potential growth and expansion possible for us can be in and of itself an abundant feeling. This is something that we all possess whether we believe it or not; an unlimited and undefined amount of potential growth, waiting for us to unfold and experience. There is an endless amount of opportunity for us to create positive change for ourselves and those around us. The very nature of this is abundant.

Releasing Attachment

An essential aspect of the journey toward abundance is releasing attachment to specific outcomes and therefore achieving detachment. Attachment is the holding onto, restriction of, or concern about something, perhaps the feeling of an impending loss. Sometimes in our attempt to set goals, we can become attached to a rigid vision that can create resistance to the natural flow of energy and therefore abundance in life. Instead we experience a lack of abundance due to our attachments and fixed pictures. Rather, as an alternative you can learn to trust the universe and allow life to unfold in its divine timing. Something often easier said than done, but when achieved can be highly rewarding.

By releasing attachment, individuals create space for unexpected opportunities and blessings to enter their lives. This surrender to the flow of life is a profound act of faith, signalling a deep understanding that the universe has a grander plan for each individual than they could possibly conceive.

It is not just a theory but a feeling one can experience and achieve on a regular basis. At Living Illumination we offer a number of solutions to this journey of learning, growth and expansion. For some it begins with the Life Awakening Blockage Release Consultation, whereby you heal the greatest block you have and experience in your life. The very nature of a block suggests that it is limiting and would limit our experience of abundance in life, the free flowing energy and the feeling that you have a surplus of what you need.


Embracing abundance is a transformative spiritual journey that transcends the limitations of the material world. As a spiritual consultant, my role is to guide individuals in healing blocks in their energy which inhibit the flow of abundance such that they learn, grow and expand, finding true alignment with their purpose. 

May this journey lead you to the realisation that abundance is an attainable feeling, that is only ever one thought away from where you are now. With this, I invite you to embrace the richness that life has to offer in all of its lessons for our growth and expansion, experiencing life in its abundance each and every day.

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