The Art of Abundance: 7 Trust Tips for a Prosperous Life

The Art of Abundance: 7 Trust Tips for a Prosperous Life

By Sashua Benay

As we all walk the tightrope of our budgets in these times, there’s a shared theme to our steps. We’re all in the same dance of balancing bills, eyeing the future with a mix of hope and strategy. It’s about the smart choices we make, from the grocery store aisles to managing those unexpected expenses that life likes to throw our way. We're getting creative, finding new paths to make our finances work a bit harder for us and creating new opportunities for abundance. It’s not about grand promises, it’s about the realistic, everyday tactics that keep us moving towards a sense of stability and possibility in our lives.

What if feeling truly abundant was not just a dream, but a tangible reality within your reach?  Especially when you bring trust into the mix.

Before we delve into the heart of our tips, it's important to understand why we've anchored them in trust. Trust is the foundation of every step we take towards growth and fulfillment. These tips aren't just suggestions—they're built on the basis of trust in ourselves, the process and the belief that abundance is possible. It's about cultivating a mindset that embraces these possibilities and trust in the journey, even when the destination isn't fully in sight. So, as we walk through each tip, consider them as signposts guiding you along a path paved with trust—a journey towards an abundance that echoes authenticity and confidence.

Trust Tip #1: Align With Your True Self

The first step is a quest for authenticity. Strip away the titles—partner, parent, professional—and ask yourself, “Who am I really and what is my purpose?" It's not about the roles you're expected to fill but aligning with your soul's expression. Picture yourself as an artist and life as your canvas—what masterpiece will you create when you're true to who you are? Remember, you are more than a role to fill or an expectation to meet. You are a universe in motion, a flow of feelings and actions. Find your rhythm and express yourself freely.

Trust Tip #2: Embrace Imperfection

Perfectionism is the enemy of progress. It's a cage that restricts your view of the horizon. You can develop preconceived ideas of how abundance will arrive in your life, control everything thinking you have all the answers and it leaves little room for the Universe to surprise you. By relinquishing the need for control, you open yourself up to life's unexpected gifts. Trust that abundance may come in the most unanticipated packages, delivered by the universe's all-powerful touch in knowing who you are and what you need for your unique path.

Trust Tip #3: Believe in Life’s Generosity

Abundance is not a pie with limited slices. It's an ever-expanding resource with ample bounty to share in. Align with your inner compass – your own energy, your own world and you'll find that competition and comparison fades away. Be the embodiment of your unique energy and watch as the right opportunities gravitate toward you. Your natural energy will attract the right people at the right time.  So BE It. Be YOU.

Trust Tip #4: Generosity Echoes

Acknowledging our blessings can inspire a generous spirit. What do you have in abundance? Share it. Do it with a heart full of gratitude. This isn't just about material wealth—it's about giving from the heart and soul. Your time, your compassion, even your surplus of homegrown lemons. Take care of your needs first, share without expecting anything in return and observe as the universe amplifies your generosity in sometimes the most unexpected of ways.

Trust Tip #5: Desire with Purpose

It's more than okay to want for abundance—it's natural. Set your intentions with clarity and specificity. Reflect on the times when it seemed the universe conspired to assist you and harness that energy now. Set an intention for abundance in your life and let your desires be known.  When they are in alignment with who you really are and what you have come to do, trust that what is meant for you will find its way.

For the full feeling of this, dive into this quote “What You Seek Is Seeking You” Rumi

Trust Tip #6: Embrace Your Abundance

Take a moment to visualise your abundance; really see it and feel it around you. 

Abundance isn't exclusive—it's a universal invitation. Why should you be the exception?
It's about acknowledging that the universe's bounty doesn't play favourites—it extends its hand to all, without reservation.  Step into the belief that abundance is possible for you.  With each step of trust you take, open yourself up to this reality. It's here, it's now and it's yours to claim.

Trust Tip #7 Honour Your Worth

In the journey to abundance, there's a vital truth often overlooked: valuing yourself is paramount. It's about recognising your own worth and the unique contributions you bring to the table. Embrace the strengths you have; they're the currency in your economy of self-trust. Every skill you possess, every insight you offer, every super-power you have and every act of kindness you extend to yourself and others—these are investments in your personal value. Trusting in your own worth paves the way for others to do the same, unlocking doors to opportunities and prosperity that resonate with who you truly are. So, stand firm in your value, for abundance flows freely when you trust in your own richness.

And if you ever find yourself counting your worth, pause and remember…

Abundance is a feeling, not a number.

Wrapping Up...

These seven Trust Tips are more than mere words—they're a blueprint for a life of fulfillment. Abundance isn't about what you have, it's about how you feel. It's a wellspring from within that nourishes your life and the lives of those around you.

If you're ready to delve deeper into your journey toward abundance, consider joining us at a Living Illumination event. Let one of our luminaries guide your path to a life brimming with abundance and book a call.

In your pursuit of abundance, remember that it begins with a feeling—a belief in the possibility of more. Embrace these tips of trust and start attracting abundance into your life today. It’s available to all.  So why not you.

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