From Stress and Overwhelm To Renewal and Regeneration

From Stress and Overwhelm To Renewal and Regeneration

By: Tracey Tomlinson

To many people mindfulness is about meditation. The ability to clear one’s mind, for long periods of time, sitting cross legged on the floor, perhaps with a cushion for some reprieve, for hours on end, in silence.

I recall going to meditation classes a few decades ago where this was the practice. Thirty minutes of silence, all be it sitting in a chair, which was excrutiating the first few weeks, and then after some time I became less impatient and stopped wanting the class to hurry up and be over quickly, wondering why I really was there. Over time, I started to become more relaxed and as the weeks rolled on I really started to enjoy the class on a weekly basis and could see how it was helping me in every day life, reducing the stress I was feeling at work, which had somewhat taken over my life.

Until I took up meditation classes a few too many wines a the pub on a Friday night was my way of coping with difficult relationships and project deadlines at work. Certainly not effective at improving the situations I found myself in and most often leading to a sore head the next day. 

Today the notion of mindfulness includes the practice of both structured meditation and an increased sense of awareness of one’s thoughts outside of meditation, in every day life. Whether it be noticing that you’re gravitating more towards wine, or ice cream after a hard day at the office, or that putting your phone down is becoming increasingly more like an addiction or a bad habit which is difficult to break.

Mindfulness whether it be practiced during meditation or in everyday life can benefit us on many levels. When we become more aware of our mind and our thoughts we can gain greater control over our life. We can choose our actions to be those that empower us and our life whilst also effecting the quality of life of those around us too.

When practiced on a regular basis mindfulness can help us get out of our head and into the flow of our sensitivity and our intuition. To tap into our intuition we need to be more relaxed and the messages flow. Those moments of synchronicity, or the solution to a problem just popping in, the answer to which direction to take, or who to spend more time with in our life can come to us easily and seamlessly when we are more mindful. 

When we are not mindful, we feel as though the cogs in our brain go around and around, in continuous circles as if on automatic pilot. We can believe the myth that this is good for us, however it simply takes the control of our life out of our conscious mind and therefore out of our hands.

Our minds start to become programmed from a young age, as a result of being around adults who have certain preferences, attitudes and beliefs. We learn to do things as they do them and so the programming continues from one generation to the next as a way of life. Our cultures and communities, education etc of course also play a role in our unconscious programming.

Being more mindful, we are able to be more conscious of our thoughts and actions and see the impact and consequences that these have on us and on others. Firstly observing this becomes a breakthrough and then being able to make different choices and take different actions becomes the success we are look for in life.

Most parents dream of their children when going through adolescence making the right decisions for their health and well being when faced with various not so healthy or safe options in life. Mindfulness plays a role in our ability to do this whether it be in our younger years or our later years in life.

There are more options available today for mindfulness and meditation than there were several decades ago, being a sign that science is also recognising the benefit of mindfulness and people are experiencing an improvement in the quality of life when practicing mindfulness.

My favourite picks include an Energy Meditation practice and the Transcendence Meditation workshops and courses run by Living Illumination which include a series of short meditations you can learn and then take into your daily life without attending an ongoing class.

Anything from two minutes to twenty minutes of a guided meditation can make an impact on your peace of mind, whilst stimulating untold and subtle healing and deprogramming. It is quite remarkable that a two minute meditation can have an impact on your peace of mind and the quality of your life when practiced regularly. That an impact is felt when practiced at all, when we are in a stressed or overwhelmed state is a testament to these meditation sessions.

That’s why the team at Living Illumination currently offer a fifteen minute Energy Meditation lead by one of their consultants, online, at multiple times during the week. The sessions are found to bring people more peace, happiness, joy and fulfilment in the moment and participants say that attending on a regular basis has a lasting effect on the quality of their day and their week. To relieve stress in such a short period of time is beneficial to one’s day and one’s life.

The tide is turning. With life becoming more stressful and pressured for many people, options for coping better with life are increasingly in demand. Whilst the measure for success is a personal one, it has certainly changed over the decades and keeping up with the Jones’ seems to be a pressure that many people feel to be real in life.

We typically expect more from ourselves than others do of us, and therefore we’re looking for ways to be better, to perform better, and often to be more fulfilled with our life. Being able to unplug from the matrix and go with the flow of intuitive energy that is available to us in every day life for our benefit is something more people are looking for and it is absolutely possible, with some tools and guidance.

The first step in this process is to become more relaxed, which helps us become more unblocked. Mostly we spend our lives becoming blocked and creating virtual layers of protection around us so that our intuition flows less and less. Reversing this trend can provide us with untold benefits and success in life whether it be in our personal, business, social, or spiritual lives.   

So if untold success and benefits can be available to us when we become more mindful, perhaps we should start a mindfulness revolution for ourselves. We can start by attending regular meditation sessions and participating in courses and workshops that teach us beneficial and long lasting techniques that we can take into our every day lives. 

Living Illumination has been providing such programs for over three decades. Tried and true tools and techniques that benefit people from all walks of life.To start your personal mindfulness revolution for yourself today get in touch with us.

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