Interfering, Free Sex and Our Weaknesses

Interfering, Free Sex and Our Weaknesses

Author: Living Illumination

How often do we acknowledge and appreciate the people we have in our life that support us through our challenges?  We may not value them at the time they appear to be interfering in our life, but in hindsight we realise how amazing they are.  

It’s easy for others to recognise our weaknesses and we therefore need the loved ones in our life who support us to point out where we may be overindulging to our detriment. 

Our addictions can be anything.  We have a society all too accepting of them.  The following are some we might want to reflect on:

  • Drugs/alcohol
  • Television
  • Social Media
  • Online and offline gambling
  • Wasting time
  • Food excesses
  • Procrastination – stress addiction
  • Obsessive behaviour
  • Perfection
  • Comfort zones 
  • Inflexibility

More minor addictions that we may not realise are addictions are again, under the banner of sugar; drinking Pepsi, Coke and other soft drinks just because it is readily available and highly promoted, rather than considering whether it is good for us or not. 

Not many of us would want to openly share about our addictions, it tends to be a taboo subject, but if we do, it helps us tremendously to pinpoint them and heal them once we take that first step to acknowledge them.

So, when we talk about addictions, we are not just referring to the obvious ones known to us all where we reach a place where we have no physical control, and the addiction rules our life. There are many more minor ones which may seriously affect our life, eg.sugar. We find it in everything which makes it necessary for us to monitor how much of it we take in because it is addictive.

Little known or appreciated is the chronic focus on having sex. This is a big picture social problem. There are so many people that, in misunderstanding the spiritual side of sex, make some big mistakes in their life allowing their passions to rule them without control and for which they can even be incriminated.

Let us take a step back to reveal the big picture and acknowledge that society is as much to blame as the criminals who perpetrate the deeds, they have been driven to believe are their right.

Focusing on sex, let us say we may become influenced by the social status of free sex. It is almost every month we read in the news where so many football and other sport players have fallen into the trap of believing that girls who flock for their attention are wanting sex and when they encounter a negative response, they often take their own pleasure without considering that it is both illegal and immoral. 

Gone are the days of moderation or celibacy or limiting it to one partner at a time. Yet spiritually this is what works. When we choose this, we are not giving up our energy but keeping it for ourselves and what we want to achieve in life. 

In summary let us say we live in a very addictive prone society and even the small adjustment we make will feel like mountains of freedom. 

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