One more piece of chocolate….

One more piece of chocolate….

Author: Tracey Tomlinson

The word addiction might bring up thoughts about drugs, sex or gambling at it’s height, dismissing it as something that doesn’t effect you. But when you’re honest there’s usually a little bit of addiction in most of us that we haven’t conquered yet, be it large or small and it still has an impact on us.

Whether it’s addiction to a sport, social media, watching Netflix, turning to our phone at the slightest spare moment in the day to check our steps, or the weather, or a social media update. Reaching for the next glass of wine, beer or scotch, the ice cream container or any other form of food for that matter. 

Sleep and comfort zones can also be an addiction. We like to live a certain way, and we like to have certain comforts in our life. Don’t rock the boat, oh and yes I really do need that next pair of shoes, dress or handbag. Can you relate to any of these?

What ever it is for you, the chances are you have an addiction to something. It might not seem life threatening or harming anyone else, but if you stop to think, does it really have you in control of your life, being the master of your energy? Or are you selling your soul to addictions and comfort zones?

Any action that we unconsciously take over and over again, not really feeling in control of, but nevertheless doing over and over, kind of knowing deep down it’s really not in our best interest, is having us operate on automatic pilot. It is stealing our time, energy and perhaps much more. Our ability to flow with the positive, enthusiastic energy that has us moving our life forward is zapped.

Addictions can have us caught, going around and around in circles. Even if we don’t think we’re going down the gurgler, and we might shrug them off thinking they are not harming us, but really they are stealing our life force energy, sometimes our physical health or our mental health are negatively impacted as a result.

The cost of our addiction is significant. What it costs us personally, and also what it costs those around us; our loved ones, family, friends and colleagues. We sometimes forget that we are all connected and that our actions not only affect us, but also affect others.

Whilst we like to think we might be bulletproof at times, we are still impacted by those in our environment and others are still impacted by us and our energy.

This realisation isn’t pretty when we’re honest with ourselves, so what are some solutions that can positively impact our consciousness and our ability to self direct ourselves and our lives, rather than going on a guilt trip about it, or sweeping it under the carpet because it’s in the too hard basket.

I get it, you may have tried many times to break a bad habit that has become an addiction with little or no success but I promise you, there are things you haven’t tried that can crack your addiction in half, potentially even eliminate it.

Is it worth it? To get your time, energy and money back? To have more quality time with your loved ones, rather than your relationship with your phone, or your addiction to being a workaholic? Sometimes we think we don’t have options, or that we can’t control our actions, and that life is just like that, we don’t have a choice or we don’t have the energy to tackle it and conquer it.

Very often we simply haven’t been shown the way. A range of simple yet effective techniques that you can implement in a short space of time can help you peel off the layers of unwanted unconscious habits to start to reveal the real you, the energised, enthusiastic, yet grounded you. The you that can make choices for yourself that are in your best interest in the moment, losing those urges to reach for the glass of wine, the chocolate bar or your phone in those times when it really doesn’t serve you.

Sometimes the journey is fast and takes off with immediate change, sometimes it is slower with daily progress that you feel over time. Your journey is unique to you. Whether it is immediate or takes time to build the important thing is that you are building and growing – both moving you forward to a new future, a stronger you.

The actions we take today create our tomorrows, so every action or inaction counts and has an impact over time. So what are you waiting for? Isn’t it time you found out how to crack those addictions you’re carrying with you? For your sake, for your future and for those around you who also feel your angst and your inability to direct yourself and your life in powerful ways that have you respecting yourself.  

Consider how your life might change for the better if you kicked one of your addictions? Might you set a better example to your spouse or children? Might you inspire a friend to become more self empowered? Might you find you have more energy for those projects you’d like to do but never get around to, or that you show up at work differently? You might have more confidence in yourself that impacts how you see yourself and how others see you, opening new doors of opportunity.

At the very least you could have greater sense of self respect and acknowledgement for yourself even if nobody else noticed and there was no impact beyond you. Going to sleep at night knowing you had conquered a part of you that you thought you couldn’t, that you’d given up on. Wouldn’t that be worth it? You can’t put a price on satisfaction and fulfillment.

So, are you ready to find out more about how you can take steps forward using tried and true tools and techniques that have been producing results for people world wide, over decades?

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