Is GENIUS simply imagination well-managed?

Is GENIUS simply imagination well-managed?

By: Kristy Kaye

How is your imagination? How well do you use and manage it?

The idea that genius is simply imagination well-managed is a fascinating one. ALL great inventions, innovations, works of art, and scientific discoveries started with imagination. Imagination allows us to visualise what does not yet exist and to come up with new and innovative ideas. However, imagination alone is not enough. The ability to manage that imagination, to make those abstract ideas tangible and useful, sets true geniuses apart.

Are You One Step Away From Genius?

Genius requires discipline, hard work, and perseverance, and it involves taking risks, making mistakes, and learning from failure. In this sense, imagination is just the beginning of the genius journey and the foundation on which true genius is built.

Can you imagine what could be achieved with boundless creativity and unstoppable innovation in a world with endless possibilities?

A world where perfection is no longer the goal, but imagination is the driving force behind progress. Are you ready to unleash the power of your imagination and tap into your true potential? Welcome to the world of imagination, where the only limit is the extent of your creativity.

Discerning Which Gift We Are Using:

We can attribute our imagination, or lack thereof, to the gifts of Prophecy and Vision. You can imagine the future with the gift of Prophecy, whilst the Visionary gift helps you organise the past and avoid its pitfalls.

Without imagination, you will struggle with creativity, leaving you living a small unimagined life, not being adventurous enough to push the boundaries.  

With imagination, you can use it as a driving force, propelling you on through the long days and nights of mediocrity.

It's important to know which gift you are using. If you are an artist of still life, you are probably using your visionary gift because you are replicating the beauty you see for others to enjoy. Whereas if you are creating something new, something unseen, you imagine it to bring it to life.

What Limits Our Imagination

Imagination is only as good as the passion of the person who is its author. Fear will only dwarf and neutralise it.  

You have to be courageous with your imagination. Let it out of its box. Let it see the future world with a small part of its contribution. Let down the defences and dare to dream.  

Imagination also plays a part in how you lead yourself. If you want to complete a project successfully, you have to imagine what you are creating in the future world. Go the extra mile and make the intangible tangible, at least in your vision of it. 

It is perhaps trial and error, and perfection may follow its experiments. In any case, you can't be worried about perfection while experimenting with your ability to create because it would dwarf your imagination and make it impotent. 

Obsessions about perfection belong in the past and therefore are traits of your visionary gift. It is a past concept of something you have picked up from others - their opinions.  

Let your spirit roam the portals of the unknown and dare to dream!  

Where to Now?

Refine your spiritual gifts of perception, unlock your imagination, and bring your visions to life. Explore our courses today to strengthen your abilities and live a fulfilling life. Don't let fear or perfectionism hinder your dreams; embrace your imagination and let it lead you towards a better future. Take action now and start living a life full of adventure and illumination.

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