Striving for Perfection - or Is It Infatuation?

Striving for Perfection - or Is It Infatuation?

Ebbin Florence​

"Nobody's perfect. We're all just one step up from the beast and one step from Angels."
- Jeannette Walls.

Are you a perfectionist? Or are you just infatuated with the idea of being perfect? It's a fine line, but don't worry, I won't judge you for whichever side you fall on. After all, we all have our quirks and obsessions. Some people collect stamps, others collect ex-partners, others criticisms. But if you find yourself constantly striving for an unattainable level of flawlessness, you might just be infatuated with perfection. Or maybe you're just a Virgo. Either way, let's dive in and figure it out together.

The perfect person. 

The perfect life.

Does this really exist?

In a world where even the best-looking avocado has a brown spot somewhere, it makes you wonder why humans bother with the pursuit of perfection? It's like chasing a unicorn, except unicorns at least have a chance of being real (yes truly there was a BBC documentary on this).

The never-ending quest for flawlessness is like a contagious disease that infects our minds, leading to self-judgment and disloyalty to ourselves, driven by the need for intellectual gain or external approval. But let's be real, perfection is just a meaningless concept. If everything was truly perfect, there'd be no room for creativity or improvement, and that's just plain boring. It stops it in its tracks. The human obsession with perfection stifles intelligence, wisdom, knowledge, ability, and improvement. It's time to embrace our imperfections and strive for progress, not perfection.

So let's ditch the perfectionist mindset and embrace our quirks and imperfections. Because, as they say, progress not perfection - unless it's a perfectly crafted meme, in which case, go for it.

Always Strive to Thrive, But Don't Strive For Perfection.

Science and nature have been trying to achieve perfection for centuries, but let's be real, they're both a hot mess and both magnificent at the same time. Science is like that one friend who's always trying to be right, but ends up being dead wrong half the time. And nature? Don't even get me started. Sure, it's got its stunning sunsets and majestic mountains, but it also has tornadoes, hurricanes, and tsunamis. So, let's just accept that perfection is unattainable for both science and nature, and embrace their quirks, flaws and beauty. Because at the end of the day, it's the imperfections that make life interesting - and give us something to be inspired about.

"Perfection takes out the joy of life. Perfection can exceed our grasp."

Mayuri Kurotsuchi.

Don't Be A Fake Diamond

A diamond is often seen as the epitome of perfection, with its flawless cut and unique appearance. However, if a diamond appears perfect under the microscope, guess what, it's actually a fake - made to a mould!!!

So let's get one thing straight – you don't want to be a 'fake' diamond.

A genuine diamond is one-of-a-kind, with its own unique flaws and differences. The ultimate goal is not to be a perfect diamond, but to sparkle like a diamond with a light from inside that is unique. We are imperfectly perfect diamonds, with our own unique flaws and differences. So let's embrace our individuality and shine bright like the diamonds we are. Perfect in Your Imperfection, Divine, and Loved.

Striving for Fake or Divine Love?

From the moment we're born until we hit age seven, we learn the out of balance of perfection - we're fed a steady diet of perfectionism. We're taught to strive for perfect grades in school, to be better than our peers, to climb the corporate ladder at all costs. And it's not just external pressure - perfectionism is often ingrained within our families and relationships with siblings. Before we know it, we're programmed to believe that anything less than perfection is failure. But as we grow and evolve, we begin to see the flaws in this way of thinking. We realize that we are all unique and unrepeatable, each a divine creation of the universe. So why strive for perfection when we can embrace our imperfections and shine in our own unique way? It's time to ditch the programming of out of balance perfection and celebrate our individuality. After all, as a soul and being a unique creation of the Divine One Divine Love is pretty darn perfect in itself.

The Pathway

Can you shift your view of the world/yourself/your problems/(fill in the blank) from infatuation to fascination? As a soul, you have a unique journey of unfolding and growth. One way to enhance your understanding of perfection is by taking spiritual courses, which can change your state of consciousness and help you continually evolve. The universe itself is still evolving, and your soul is forever changing, healing, and growing through each course you take. Shedding old layers of programming, you are learning the truth of who you really are - an infinite soul from the universe. However, this growth and healing process is not a quick fix; it takes time to evolve and reach higher levels of consciousness. You after all, are a fascinating subject and worth unfolding. 

To achieve harmony in your spiritual journey, it's important to understand and allow that souls take time to learn, heal, harmonise, evolve and develop. It requires patience, love, and respect for your unique journey. With free will, you can choose from unlimited courses to support your growth and evolution, such as Serenity courses, Awaken the Love Within, and Self-Acknowledgement/Attainment pathway courses. Trust the process of unfolding to uncover your unique universe and gain a deeper, more accurate and a unique understanding of perfection through these courses.

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