Love Unlimited

Love Unlimited

By: Ian Mansell 

When it’s all said and done, at the end of the day, at the end of every day, - indeed since the beginning of all days... we are love. Just love. 

We were born in love. We are the product of love. Love is the vibration that began our existence – everyone's existence - the very existence of the planet came about because Spirit wanted a place where we can find our way back to being the pure love that we used to be.

We all began as pure love, but we lost the purity of it somewhere along the line, and we are all engaged now in trying to find our way back to that original purity.

Where did we lose it? What went wrong?

The great prophets tell us that the angels fell from grace because they tried to compete with God.  Under the influence of confused souls, they decided that they knew better than God. They competed with him. They wanted his power. They wanted the power that He had to influence people and influence all life (particularly, in those times, the weather, the crops and fertility). 

Religions were born when the fallen angels tried to reduce the complex and ever-flowing business of life into a written, rigid script of rules and rituals (in which they were always the winners). Their honest intention to provide protocols for living to the less-aware soon became overwritten by the desire to control the behaviour of others. A lust for power and influence settled in and their message started to became ingrained with fairytales.

From a political viewpoint, the more demanding the religion became, the more humbled the parishioners felt, and the more they had to turn to the high priests to tell them what to do next.

Different religions demanded different religious practices, each claiming to be the one true religion and their followers to be God’s Chosen Ones. Thus competition came to dominate society. 

You couldn’t have power and influence over people if there was a rival down the road telling them something different. Religious competition created a need to defend yourself against your rivals - to put up walls, build castles, establish armies. And to maintain your army and build your castles you needed a workforce that would carry out your plans without too much objection.  They needed to believe you were God’s chosen leader. 

And then your workers needed to be fed and their families housed, so you had to create money.

The bloke with the most money built the biggest castle with the biggest army, and so greed is born. 

And here we are, millennia later, still stuck in the same old paradigms of greed and power, domination, manipulation and monopolisation.

 *   *   *

Living Illumination has an important role to play in breaking through these endlessly repeating cycles of victimhood and abuse. 

By working with planetary leaders to become aware of their timeless existence as a soul (through communication with the bigger picture of their guidance) and then methodically stripping away the centuries of trauma and fear that keep us blinded to the manipulation and abuse we have been subjected to, we can start to accept that the purpose of our existence here has less to do with living in accordance with society’s values and expectations and everything to do with living a true commitment to our own uniqueness as a soul.

We have to shift our personal commitment away from the social and moral values we were brought up with towards a commitment to ourself as a soul: unique, a solo traveller on a timeless journey to rediscover the divine being that we once were.

As a soul we are here to refine ourselves: to challenge ourselves into healing the habits and tendencies that are not working for us and to refine our skills and talents to a greater degree of beauty and harmony. 

And as in every lifetime, we are equipped with a specific mission statement – our ‘Unique Vibration’ – which we have chosen to be our focus for growth and redemption this lifetime.

A true commitment to self leaves no room for us to be defensive or materially acquisitive.  Commitment to living our own uniqueness cannot involve competitiveness with others. Like members of a symphony orchestra, we each have our own instrument and our own part to play. The better we do our part, the more everyone benefits.

Only by competing and struggling against our own weaknesses and misunderstandings can we reach the fulfilment of liberation from limitation that our soul part craves.

The exhilaration we experience in a course or trance healing whenever an ancient burden lifts off our shoulders may be the closest we come to experiencing pure love – restoring our love for self, as we open again to the love of the universe, the love flowing from the Divine One, the very life force that energises creation.

This is the love that fills us and enthuses us, that enlightens us, that radiates uncontrollably from us wherever we go.

Being and living the love that we are is the highest contribution we can make to the rehabilitation of the planet. We struggle to preach our message in a crowded marketplace, but we can always lead by example every moment of our day. A kind word to a stranger, respect to someone having difficulty,  friendship to a child, a pet or a plant – these can all help create calm in a sea of stress and confusion.

With the backing of our guides we can spread our love over any situation regardless of location, helping those concerned to find the necessary peace in which to get their own answers from their own inner wisdom.

Surely this is the essence of pure love! Love Unlimited.

What can you do now?

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