The Purest Form of Love: 11 Authentic Practices to Cultivate True Love

The Purest Form of Love: 11 Authentic Practices to Cultivate True Love

By: Sashua Benay

Love is often described as the force that makes the world go round. It has the power to inspire our greatest joys and profound transformations. True love, in its purest form, enriches our lives in countless ways and across various dimensions. Together let’s unlock the deeper channels of love, guiding you through 11 unique ways to attract and embrace the true love that you deserve.

Revisit the Past

Reflecting on the earliest blueprints of love we encountered sets the stage for our current understanding and approach to relationships. Explore the lessons about love you observed to you in your younger years. What dynamics unfolded in the relationships that surrounded you? These insights are not just memories; they're powerful signposts. Utilise reflection as a tool to discern how love was expressed or withheld in your past. By assembling the fragments of these formative experiences, you can unearth transformative insights into your habitual patterns of giving and receiving love. With conscious awareness, you can actively reshape the balance of your relationships today, moving from passive patterns to empowered choices in love.

Reclaim Your Love

Reclaiming Your Love is a powerful act of self-restoration. In our numerous quests for love, we often encounter moments that imprint us with loss, longing or a sense of incompleteness. Each relationship, each exchange of the heart, leaves a mark. To fully embrace future love, it's crucial to address these imprints. Revisit the landscapes of former affections—not to dwell in unrequited love, but to understand and mend the fractures they may have caused. By doing so, we gather the scattered pieces of our affections, our commitments and our passions. This act of recollection enables us to love again, wholly and completely. Healing past wounds is the path to ensuring that our hearts are not restrained by unseen chains, allowing us to step into a future where love knows no bounds.

Inner Child

Our childhood is a formative period that profoundly shapes our concept of love. Embracing the family dynamics and environment from our early years is to acknowledge their role in our soul's expansive journey. By nurturing our inner child, we replenish our deep well of self-love, compassion, and support. This crucial inner work transforms our capacity to engage in relationships today, allowing us to offer and receive love from a place of healed wholeness and renewed strength.

Soul Self

Take a moment to tune into the essence within you that transcends the routine of your everyday self. This is your higher consciousness or soul, a state of being infused with acceptance, understanding and a profound sense of peace. It's this higher form of love that connects us with our truest selves, guiding us with wisdom and patience. When we attune to this higher consciousness, we unlock a reservoir of love that nourishes our spirit. It provides us with the wisdom to navigate life's journey with an innate understanding of our unique path, purpose and destiny. This inner voice is our most steadfast supporter, offering words of love and encouragement when we need them the most and solace during times of trial. By fostering this connection, we empower our soul's voice to be a guiding force in our pursuit of heartfelt connections and life's ultimate fulfillment.

Spirit Guides

The quest for a love that truly satiates the soul can lead us to a pure knowing and awareness of our spirit guides and the universal energies that surround us. These energies are more than guides; they are profound allies in our life’s voyage, offering a form of love that is both nurturing and enlightening. Recognizing that we are supported by such wisdom and compassion can bring an unparalleled sense of peace. As we align with their guidance, we see reflections of our perfect self. Through their insights, we come to understand the depth of love and care they hold for us. This connection encourages us to embrace our place in the Universe with confidence, as we journey towards our ultimate destiny, supported by their love. To enhance your ability to communicate with your Guides, join us at the powerful Mastering Communication with Guidance Course or our Acceleration program – Pathways Level 1. Build a surety in your communication to inform your everyday life and it’s big decisions.

Release the Yearn

The pursuit of love, often framed as the search for 'the one' to build a life with, is a story many of us know well. It's portrayed as the grand plan, sometimes even as the only path to fulfillment. Yet, if we find ourselves yearning for this traditional script, it may be time to enrich our concept of love. True love isn't about merely filling an empty space within us. It's a quest to connect with someone who not only fills that space but expands our world, appreciating and embracing us in our entirety. It's a call to recognize that we deserve a partner who is more than just a complement to our lives but an integral part of a shared and enriching journey.

Step Away to Attract

Sometimes, in the pursuit of love, the wisest move is to take a step back. Pausing the active search offers us a valuable space to breathe and gain clarity. This introspective period allows us to understand ourselves more deeply, to appreciate our desires and values. It's within this space of self-awareness that we can better identify how a partner might fit into our already rich and ongoing life story.

Forgive Yourself

In the quiet moments, if you find your mind racing to fill the silence, it might signal a need to turn inward and assess your relationship with yourself. Offering yourself forgiveness for past missteps is an act of profound self-compassion. This process releases the heaviness of old grievances, allowing you to move forward with an unburdened heart. Engaging in self-forgiveness is not just about absolving mistakes; it's about empowering your heart, mind and soul for the journey that lies ahead. Courses with Living Illumination such as #202 Embracing Serenity: Discovering Inner Tranquillity to Heal Anger Within and #409 Inner Harmony: Owning Your Truth and Living It Course can provide enormous insight and reprieve in the journey of self-forgiveness.

Furry Love

This suggestion might seem unconventional, but the love of a pet holds a cherished place in many hearts. The pure, unconditional love and pure loyalty a pet provides can warm the very essence of your being, offering comfort and unbridled joy. Nurturing a pet allows you to express love in its most selfless form, an exchange that is always welcomed and returned in abundance. In fulfilling the desire to care for another, you lay a foundation of love that not only satisfies the soul but also invites further warmth and connection into your life.

Self Love

It's a phrase that echoes frequently in the realms of personal development—self-love. But do we truly grasp its fullness and depth? Beyond the topic of self-care lies a deeper voyage into accepting and honouring every aspect of ourselves. It's about acknowledging our past experiences, embracing our current reality and looking forward to our future with hope. This journey of self-love invites us to appreciate all parts of ourselves. Then we can unlock a more profound level of contentment and inner peace. Embracing self-love fully means engaging with our entire story where we can find the most significant reward: a life lived with authenticity and joy.

Make It Unconditional

Elevating love to its highest form requires us to strip away conditions and expectations. Unconditional love is not just an ideal; it's a practice of silencing the inner critic and discarding the layers of doubt and judgement that we often impose on ourselves. It's about allowing our authentic selves to flourish without the constraints of 'shoulds' and 'musts' that can echo too loudly in our minds. When we release these binds, we open ourselves to a life rich with joy, meaning, and fulfillment. Embrace this practice, and you may find a profound sense of freedom and a love that is truly boundless.

Love, in its many expressions, is a journey we embark upon each day. It's an emotion, a profound presence within and a lens through which we view our lives. The eleven pathways laid out before you are designed to steer you toward an experience of love that is genuine, profound and rewarding. Integrating these principles into your daily life, you'll discover that love becomes a reciprocal current, enriched by the depth and breadth of your life's journey. Commit to this transformative exploration, for it is through the purest forms of love that we come to meet our truest selves.

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