2023 The Age of Community

2023 The Age of Community

By: Ian Mansell

New Year Resolutions?  No thank you. Don’t work. Not interested. Just more things to stress about. Why set myself up for disappointment when they never occur to plan?

Yet in the other ear I hear “You know, don’t you, that failing to plan means planning to fail.”

Well, I’m over it! Life is too demanding as it already is. Just staying alive, keeping the wheels turning, bread on the table, finances out of the red, head above the waters.... that’s quite enough for me!

I’m sure I’m not alone in this. Life has become more stressful for just about everyone lately, and I don’t need to list the reasons why.

Yet my astrology feed assures me that this year, 2023, is the one we’ve all been waiting for. The world turns a corner. The Age of Aquarius finally arrives and instead of a society based on control, manipulation and me-me greed, the old paradigms will be overturned and we re-discover the absolutely essential role of Community.

Community means we are all in this together. We live in a society not a vacuum. No man is an island unto himself. Every thought, every action has consequences not just for ourself but for those around us... even, eventually for the whole planet.

Living in a community is a primary purpose of coming to planet Earth. Sure, we are here to learn about ourself and by interacting with others different to ourself we gain insights into ourself that we could never access if we had just stayed out in the Universe. On this planet we can grow in our refinement by mixing with others more advanced than ourselves. We can equally go backwards by associating with the darker of earth’s citizens.

Living Illumination encourages us to remember that we really are here firstly to understand ourselves better, and to prioritise our experiences so we spend our precious time maximising whatever aids us in that process.

“Me-Me” is the essential first step, the first stage in disconnecting our unique individuality from that social conformity that has programmed us into just being one of the (manipulable) herd. But then to continue our growth we have to move on to “Me-You.”  How is my energy affecting others? What are the consequences that my actions are having on the world around me?

Think about climate change, corporate greed, political corruption, social inequity. Clearly these are the burning issues that expose our unwillingness to move beyond “Me-Me” by bringing it to the fore as genuine existential crises. The planet must move to the “Me-You” level immediately or we will undoubtedly experience global catastrophe.

Yet the Aquarian Age is demanding us go even further: by putting community ahead of all we are entering the level of “You-Me.” What does the community need that I can supply? How can I, by living my uniqueness and being aware of how I am affecting others, re-orient myself towards living the answer to the question: “How can I be of service to the needs of others (without losing myself in the process)?”

Kristy Kaye sums up this attitude in the affirmation “I am nothing, I am no-one, I am just love.”

So how can I be of service to you? Not a servant, but “of service?”

I think I’ve found my New Year’s Resolution! Not by writing shopping lists of what I want my angels to manifest for me. Not in well-intentioned reforms to my habits and tendencies that will magically occur without any real soul-searching on my behalf. My guides know intimately where my strengths and weaknesses lie, and they are constantly finding opportunities to present the necessary challenges to me as and when I am ready. 

This process goes on day and night 24/7 without requiring any conscious input from me. All that matters is how (and whether) I respond to the experiences life presents to me. I no longer have to write the script for my own life - they already know it! I chose them because they know more about the issues I need to heal and grow than I do. And how best to tackle them. 

So I can relax.

I don’t have to knead my life into a suitable piece of dough – I have a team of expert bakers who are already doing that for me. I just have to wake each morning and deal with whatever I find on my plate, as well as I can.

I am nothing, I am no-one, I am just love. 

So “How can I be of service to you?”


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