Wake Up

Wake Up!

By: Sue Mazur

Here are some questions for you before we begin:

  • Do you believe in the idea that your thoughts have some effect on your life? You do believe that, yes?
  • If yes, did you wake up this morning and consciously create your future?
  • Are you able to discern your sole’s purpose, and make steps towards your soul’s goals?

The truth is, most people don’t challenge their thoughts, or consciously create their future. January is the time of year, that some make resolutions, give themselves challenges or goals for themselves, but most times, most people fail. Do you know the reason most people don’t follow through is because they don’t really believe that it is possible. Because, if you know in the depth of your soul that it was absolutely true that you could achieve the goals and they are soul aligned, you wouldn’t miss a day to put it into action. Come on, think about it. If you were consciously aware of what you were creating in your life, would you ever let any thoughts slip by your awareness that you didn’t want to experience?

Most people’s lives are driven by their intellect, which has organised and catalogued your experiences in the environments you have lived in this lifetime only.

If you wake up in the morning, turn to the same side to turn off the alarm, get out on the same side of the bed, grab a cup of coffee, wander over to read your emails or news like you always you do, eventually walk to the bathroom to get ready, look at the mirror to remember who you are, prep yourself for the day to look like everyone expects you to, go to your school or work and see the same people that push the same emotional triggers, that you have memorised as habits. Then you hurry home so you can check your socials, get all the jobs done you need to and hurry up to sleep, so you can hurry up and do it all over again.

My question is: Are you happy, or are you secretly hoping that something will change in your life?

We are the sum of our habits, tendencies, and persona that we have mastered over years in this lifetime and are experts at. Then society, religion, schooling, workplaces, cultures add layers on the right way to be, act and think. Think about it, we generally follow our society’s rules, the same news, TV shows, social media that is filtered to a biased message, watch the same movies, read the same books, and do this concurrently with many other millions of people at the same time. The person you are today is how you have responded to this programming. Programming is about control. It is easier to control the behaviour of the populous with programming that paints an illusion and tries to convince us, it is our own individual plan.

Whilst we follow these patterns in our life, following what is familiar or known to you, what do you keep creating more of? The same life. Wouldn’t you agree?

To change; to truly change, you need to have a vision for your life that is soul centred, and it needs to be greater than your current life. Every person in history that has achieved greatness knew this. Whether it was Columbus, Joan of Arc, Gandhi, Martin Luther King, Nelson Mandela, or Albert Einstein amongst many greats. They all had a vision so alive in their feelings that even though initially they could not see or touch the results, they could feel that it was real. They sincerely believed in a future that they could not see or experience with their senses yet, and had the sincerity to follow through on their vision with conviction. No matter the nay-sayers, no matter the people who tried to get them to follow a different path or their own agendas. No matter how difficult it was to change.

So how do you make change that will make you truly happy?

It’s simple. 

When we live our programming and forget our spiritual nature, we lose our innate wisdom, and get caught up in illusions, drama and trivia of society. We can lose our integrity of our soul’s plan by seeking to fit in. If we step outside what everyone else wants of us, we are often told that we don’t fit in, we are being selfish or self-centred. All of this undermines our self-loyalty. In truth, if our cup is overflowing from fulfillment, we can be of true service to others without suffering. That is self-loyalty.

So what can go wrong? 

First thing - having a disconnection from our feelings, our soul part, what we set our energy for this lifetime – why we are involved in something and if it is aligned to our business of life. If that is unclear or unbalanced, or any of the other perceptions are out of balance, this will throw out your direction in life. Have you ever found yourself wondering “how did I get here”, “where did I disappear”, “why is there no fulfilment? These are clues that there was a disconnect a while back.

Second thing - relying on our intellect to drive our path. We have been programmed to value our intellect over everything. But you remember that little baby, with no memory, no training, pure and innocent. The intellect is the accumulation of what we (or someone has) trained your brain to remember this lifetime within the environments and experiences we have been subjected to. And it dies when we die. Compared to the wisdom of our soul, our intellect is very limited. Next time we incarnate it’s blank – we need to learn to walk again.

Third thing - following our programming instead of living our inner truth and becoming confused when there is a misalignment or lack of fulfillment.

We may all be created equal but left to our own devices, we create our state of consciousness. We have to become aware of who we are and where we are going at all times. Before we begin a new career, or make any decision about our life, we have to ask ourselves:

  • What is in it for my soul?
  • Does this fit with the business of my life?

If we don’t we may feel a war raging within us, confusion, anger or emotion or a lack of fulfilment. These are caused when we deviate from the plan we set for the business of our life – our pathway to enlightenment.

Can you imagine when you have clear communication with your guidance, with an absolute sense of knowing why you are doing something, then discern the facts about the what, when, where of how to bring that to success, and then put your intellect into action to make that happen. How much time you would save. Then we are following our soul’s path and purpose and achieving real results and fulfillment.

Awakening is reprogramming our intellect to respond to our inner truth, negate the illusions painted for us, and live our uniqueness so we live a very successful, peaceful and contented life.

So this year, commit to continuing your soul work to remember who you really are, your soul’s purpose, and get a clear vision of your life that is aligned to that. You will be amazed at the energy this creates for you, the backing you will receive, the doors that will open, and the fulfilment and joy that you experience.

What can you do now?

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