Opportunity Knocks - but will you open the door?

Opportunity Knocks - but will you open the door?

By: Kristy Kaye

2022 has come and gone and what is left is perhaps a dream about the future - your future. What will 2023 bring for you?

If you try to turn this into a structured plan with a beginning and end you may have a disappointing year. It is good to remember that whilst we need to have some structure to our lives, it is essential to not have a ‘fixed picture’ about the plan and to follow our feelings on whether the plan still fits, if we are meant to continue to put our energy into something, or whether Spirit delivers an opportunity to us that we are now ready for, but could not plan for previously.

‘Opportunity’ is just that; the chance to be involved in something.  Perhaps an opportunity to learn a new skill, advance your techniques, learn more about yourself, find ways to be creative or mindful. Until opportunity comes knocking you don’t know much about it. The best idea is to make your plans but to be open to a better offer.

It's more about your motivation than it is about monetary goals. Or even career advancement.  You may have fallen into old pictures of yourself even perhaps from previous lifetimes and now you feel stuck in the career you have chosen. 

If you find the path which is “lit up for you”, meaning your purpose, then anything can happen if you follow the feeling.   

Opportunity is just that, a chance for a new beginning.   Isn’t that what we all think we want at the close of each year?  Are we then too afraid to take the leap of faith to test new waters? Are you?

And how about friends? Are we afraid to branch out from toxic relationships? Do we believe our own bad press? As long as we are knee deep in negativity about ourselves, we will keep living the same experiences year after year with dreams of a different future remaining just that “dreams”.  

It's time to test drive new opportunities that come your way. Give them a chance.  If you feel enthusiastic it has to hold positive involvement for you.  Take that leap of faith and get involved.   

Break new ground.  You will surprise yourself. 

What can you do now?

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