A Mission to Heal Anger in the World

A Mission to Heal Anger in the World

By: Kristy Kaye

"And a great sadness fell over the world through misunderstanding our love energy."

In today's world, we celebrate the beauty of people giving from their heart space to others who could be strangers to them - giving support, supplies, hugs, money, validating their existence, cradling their anger to dilute it. Just being there. We saw it in fires, floods, abuse, abandonment and many other circumstances. 

What is this precious commodity that raises the bar of our humanity? It's time to face the truth about who we are. Quite simply we are when we are not diluted: LOVE ENERGY.

Love Energy makes us cry in the movies, cry in our happiness state, cry when we read of others finding each other or members of their family previously lost to them. AND at the most precious of times, we show these true colours of our soul.  Let's reflect on that.

This article is not a cry for help it is a demand for justice for the soul: our soul.

If we are Love… well, what's happened to us? We read more like a novel on anger most of the time. But we can change that for the world by changing it for ourselves. 

Let's qualify anger: do we get frustrated, rejected, anxious, overwhelmed, resentful, etc. these are all the tell-tale signs of anger. 

Even though we believe it at the time, sadly, anger revealed is not ever at others but rather a harpoon we are forever aiming at ourselves. If we own our anger, we can change the world by playing forward our resourcefulness. Our Love Energy is more powerful than anything else, and it overcomes obstacles we believe in, blocks misunderstandings, that we may wrongly source solutions for from others. 

Sadly, we so often don't believe in the power of our soul even though it is limitless and boundless. We have to let it out of the cage we have put it in.

Know thyself is where we begin. We track our anger to heal it. That's the hard part, and the rest is easy.

At Living Illumination, we are on a world mission to heal the anger in the world, but we need everyone to do their part to cleanse anger from the world.

What's in it for you?

Being loved, admired and respected.  

All we need to do now is arm ourselves with Love. The Love of self is the most important Love of all. Let's begin, shall we?

Reflections and Questions for You

Do you feel overlooked, frustrated, underappreciated, rejected, abused, angry without reason, disturbed, unloved, and many other emotions that can make you bubble up with anger. 

If you can say yes to this or any other emotions, then you have found the beginning of a long and beautiful journey healing yourself. 

Just reflect for a moment the other side of the coin of self. You are Love that is limitless, boundless, all knowing, magnanimous, creative, powerful and if we look up all the positive words in the dictionary, we are them.

Then what happened? We might say.

Answers and Techniques for You

All we lack is a little forgiveness. Below is a three-step process to help you in your quest for self-love and, with it, the joy in your life. When you are committed to your personal journey, remember that you are also contributing to healing anger in the world, and we acknowledge and thank you for that. Let's begin:

 Step One:

 Firstly, we need to forgive ourselves.

 No, we don't fully know what for. It could be lifetimes ago, but our soul remembers everything, so we give ourselves a course on forgiveness.

  1. Find a quiet space and settle your mind and body with three deep breaths;
  2. Say to yourself: "I forgive myself for every injustice I have yielded against myself and fill the void with self-love" (open wide your arms and bring them into a hug of self-whilst you say this)
  3. Keep doing it until you feel it;
  4. Pick a number of times you need to do this per day to feel the Love of self trickle in. 

Don't get impatient because you may have spent a long time doing the opposite. Trust your soul to show you the way.

Step Two: 

Forgive your Mum and Dad, regardless of your good or bad relations with them. A little technique I found useful:

  1. Visualise putting them on a stage one at a time and tell them all the hurts, fears, and dissatisfactions you have about them;
  2. Do a meaningful, even angry speech (it's important). If it doesn't work the first time, do it again;
  3. When you are done, thank them for giving you a body and an opportunity to heal yourself;
  4. Offer them Love and forgiveness;
  5. Shrink your parents to tiny people who you can now put in your heart with Love, and remember they are important to you because aside from any abuse you may have suffered at their hands you chose them for their problems as much as their solutions to give you the opportunity to heal your lifetimes. By understanding them you are understanding yourself. You have just made leaps in gaining enlightenment;
  6. When you have exhausted your anger put yourself there on that platform and do the same get out all your anger;
  7. Then do the forgiveness routine above, loving yourself. Give yourself a hug, hold it till you feel self-love pouring in. It may take some time.

Be patient with yourself. You are building a dynasty and it begins right here, overcoming your 'self-hate' and filling instead with 'self-love'.

Step Three

Now you are getting ready for the 'Big Soul Talk'.

If you feel The Love, even if it's just a bit, then for your own peace and harmony forgive those you have resentment with.

Visualise putting them in front of you and explaining your discontent with them. Go over it carefully and when you are ready you tell them you forgive them. This may take some time even weeks with some people, but the whole process is healing for you and allowing your Love to shine through.

If it takes a long time whilst doing the steps, put the time into understanding your own anger. There is freedom and joy behind every step of awareness, just be patient. If you have a crappy day just rejoice at the progress you are making.

You are not in this alone your soul is bountiful as are the light beings that guide your journey. All rallying to help you in your quest for self-love and with it the joy of your life. 

What can you do now?

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