Anger – A Personal Pathway To Release & Love

Anger – A Personal Pathway To Release & Love

 Tracey Tomlinson

Sometimes we feel anger towards ourselves or others, and whilst it is a normal reaction, this emotion can create devastating outcomes in our lives, impacting our health, wealth and relationships.

Have you noticed, the more we feel anger, the greater the impact - as though it creates momentum? And the worse the outcomes can be, physically, mentally, and emotionally, on our environment and the experiences, we consequently attract.

It is widely known that anger is not good for us, for our blood pressure and chemical releases in the body trigger chemical, hormonal and genetic changes that can lead to disease, and affect mental health and peace of mind.

Anger shows up in many forms. It can be an outburst of emotion, perhaps with physical expression. For example, it may be a seething from within held in, a resentment, or an annoyance. Often we feel we 'shouldn't' be angry, so we may hold it in and try not to react, either keeping the peace, or keeping our professional 'got it together persona' intact.

So when do we feel angry at others, and what for? Some common personal triggers can be: when someone slights us; takes an opportunity that we felt was ours; lies to us; withholds information from us; is nice to our face but speaks poorly of us behind our back; doesn't do what we asked or what we feel is important; shows criticism, disrespect or anger towards us. These are just a few reasons we may get angry and, at the same time, feel justified in our anger.

There is also the anger we feel towards ourselves: "I could/should have done better", "I shouldn't have done that", "I've let the team down", "I’ve disappointed someone that I love”, “I’ve made a mistake and can’t bear the consequences”… and the list goes on.

Of course, there are also instances where anger gives rise to healthy action. Suppose you are in physical or other danger. In that case, you need to take action in the moment, which may include removing yourself or others to ensure your safety. Your brain and body are designed to support you in these instances with the chemical releases required to take action, and the time and opportunity to regroup the response and emotions is afterwards.

What is Anger a Window To Really… Opportunity?

When we know how much anger affects us in our body, mind and soul, is there really ever a justification for holding onto our anger?

In the moment, we may feel so. However, when we step back and look at the bigger picture, we may see that others are doing their best for the most part, and it is not a perfect world. Sometimes things happen that we do not like because it is an opportunity for us or the other party to change their ways, make a different choice, see things differently, and learn from the past. This may not always happen, but if not given a chance, it can’t happen.

Often we experience anger and sweep it under the carpet over time. The problem with this strategy, is it lies underneath the carpet lurking, able to surface again at any moment in time. The more this happens, the more it builds. This can also be compounded or fuelled by deep-seated emotions we experienced in the past, long forgotten, but retained in your feelings.

A better solution is to identify the wounds that trigger the anger and heal them; the first step is to identify them.

This is where your guidance comes in very handy. It is one thing for us to consciously know about our anger, and when we experience it; however, we also have deep-seated emotions we have experienced in the past that we have long forgotten.

If we see ourselves as continually improving, living in a constant program of self-improvement, we may have more compassion for ourselves and others in our daily challenges. When anger does come up, are you able to tap into your higher power, your guidance and ask why, to understand it, perhaps even heal it for yourself? Do you ask your guidance for their advice on a course of action? After all, they are the best advisors we have, as they know everything about us and the challenges we face.

So what can you do the next time you feel angry? Try this technique:-

  1. Determine why or what are you angry about?
  2. Don’t dwell on it; just acknowledge it.
  3. Ask yourself, does feeling angry about this make me happy?
  4. Does it result in any benefit, and if yes, one you would consciously choose once examined that fits with your higher self?
  5. Is there a bigger picture here I need to be aware of: am I missing some facts, have unrealistic expectations or jumped to conclusions?
  6. Ask yourself, “Do I want to be filled with anger, or do I choose love?
  7. Choose love.

What If I Can’t PinPoint and Heal the Anger Myself?

Consider a Life Awakening Blockage Consultation. Besides obvious life challenges, sometimes there is no conscious memory of a time when you felt angry, sad, or other negative emotions at a point in time in your life that may still be affecting you now unconsciously. However, with the support of the process, you can safely recall these in the session because Spirit backs the energy and our Guides want us to experience the healing that we have set ourselves up for this lifetime. They support and back you to recall what you need to at the appropriate time to heal your wounds.

Why? Because their mission is to have you be the shining light that you are, to dust off the cobwebs around your energy and help you dig the weeds out of your aura that have taken hold and do not serve you. When we call on Spirit and our Guides in this process, your progress can be experienced with expediency.

Delving into who you are, working with your guidance, once you are formally taught the system of how to communicate with them to expedite the process of your healing. The Business of Life Workshop teaches you the basics of powerfully and clearly communicating with your guidance which is why it is referred to as a “life-changing workshop”.

When we commit to learning about ourselves and healing the separation we feel in our energy; we can experience more love, joy, fulfilment and satisfaction in life. The very act of taking the time to learn about one's self is an act of love.

Turning Anger Into Love – The Bigger Picture

When you choose love over anger, you feel a sense of peace and compassion for yourself and others. Being able to forgive oneself and others is key. The choice you make for yourself – anger or love, is a starting point. Knowing that anger does not serve you or anyone else, and actively choosing to experience love for yourself and others, has your energy lift and expand. Why? Because it is the higher level of consciousness. Perhaps it is the road less travelled, but the more beneficial road to take nevertheless.

Sometimes people get stuck in not being able to forgive themselves or another. However, choosing love for yourself or others is sometimes all that is needed. When you no longer feel anger, what is there to forgive? Nothing! When this is the case, the concern, fear or objection around being unable to forgive yourself or someone else can waste time and energy. So the act of forgiveness can become superfluous when we choose love.

This may be difficult if you have not forgiven yourself for your part in a situation and are not loving yourself. The very act of loving yourself ensures that you will take actions that are in your best interest. Therefore your focus on feeling love for yourself and others is the higher ground that can keep you out of hot water and deliver you the joy and happiness you desire.

What can you do now?

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