Beyond the Shallow Interest of Love

Beyond the Shallow Interest of Love

By: Kristy Kaye

There is a conversation in the air during February each year, as the shops fill with roses and Valentine's day cards.  But what is love?

You may be surprised to learn that love is our natural energy.  Not something we seek to share but something we are. 

Relaxed and focused we are pure love energy.  We have to work at hate and the other emotions we experience even though they may surround us at times. 

An unblocked heart chakra is an amazing serenity-based heaven.   We are an inspiration to everyone.  

As a metaphor: “Why is it we adore small children, in particular babies?” because they are pure love. They don’t yet have an intellect to produce thoughts that may alter their attitude and acceptance.  If only we could reproduce that beautiful feeling ourselves.  

In this moment of love’s focus give some thought to the quality of your love.  Is it unconditional? If not, you may want to call it an ‘interest’ instead. 

Interest takes us on a rocky path of ups and downs.  Disappointments are the order of the day.  We may even further complicate our relationships with expectations.  We can’t intelligently expect our partners in life to fit a prototype that we produce for them to follow.   We can’t follow one ourselves.  In this way we are often programmed to believe we can.  

Corporations selling to us need our fantasies to feed their greed upon.  They sell an idea or ideal.  We, for our part need to be detached and discerning not buy an ideal such as a car, boat, furniture, or other items that fit the ideal that people around us may be following religiously. 

We don’t need to be one of the crowd or fit in. We are a unique individual soul with their own amazing qualities.   We never need to apologise for being ourselves.   

Having unconditional love gives us the freedom to love all manner of man. The key word to living unconditional love is forgiveness.  

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