LOVE ACTUALLY, begins with Communication

LOVE ACTUALLY, begins with Communication

By: Ian Mansell

Confidence is the key to all successful communications, and willingness to communicate is the principal necessary condition.

If we are not willing to communicate we might as well have stayed in the universe. Or live in a cave or a monastery or just stay locked up in our own room or apartment.

Communication with other humans is the reason we came to planet Earth.

So what are we to communicate? What is it that we communicate that will make a difference to our level of refinement; because surely that is our one and only reason for being here?

We communicate out:

  • Our wisdom and the experiences we had on which that wisdom is based
  • Our attitude and responses to the events in the world around us
  • Our feeling responses to other people and events around us
  • Our insights, hopes and desires for change and improvements

We receive communications in regarding:

  • How others see us
  • How others see the world and respond to it
  • How their wisdom can complement and amplify our own wisdom
  • How our actions affect or fail to affect our environment

Successful communication with others requires trust. If we cannot trust or we refuse to trust what others are sharing with us or reflecting back at us, we are living in denial and cannot grow from the experiences.

Distrust is the enemy of growth. Stubbornness and unwillingness to change are the enemies of growth, and personal growth through change is ultimately the only reason for our very existence.

Now, what is the motivating force that drives growth – all kinds of growth? You can call it sunlight, qi, God’s Love, universal energy, the will to live, the life force, white light from Spirit, spiritual energy or a thousand other names, but at the end of the day it’s all just LOVE.

Remember the Beatles’ hit broadcast across the planet in 1968: ALL YOU NEED IS LOVE? Now repeat that chorus 150 times as I did back then!

So LOVE is not just about relationships. When we awaken in our third cycle to the power of a relationship driven by love rather than authority and obedience, that awakening triggers the rapturous honeymoon we call ‘falling’ in love.

We want to hold onto that wonderful feeling forever. We make all kinds of promises and vows to help preserve and prolong the feeling of acceptance, respect and comfort that our new relationship provides. AFTER YEARS IN THE DESERT, ALONE, WE HAVE FOUND AN OASIS OF PEACE AND CONTENTMENT. 

In time we may commit with our partner to starting a business together by bringing a baby into the world. But in the meantime, during our fourth and fifth cycles we discover that this thing called love is not just a private venture between us and our partner but can be real in other areas of our life. We can love our work, love our pets, love our neighbourhood, our club, our mates, our holidays, our celebrities.

As we make these discoveries, our love of our partner loses some of its intensity and we begin to spread our love over a wider field. Many would say that they still love their partner just as much, but they also love their food, their garden, their favourite TV characters, their Sunday family gatherings and so on.

Love is everywhere. We are all love machines, generating and transmitting love across every area of our life. Like a massive wind turbine we suck energy from the universe and channel it out to all the people and places we meet.

Now, if you DON’T feel like that everyday, you need to ask yourself why not?

What are the fears that put up barriers to the flow of your love?

Do you distrust others because you have been burnt in the past? You need to go back in time to put your finger on what happened and use loving forgiveness to extinguish the hurt.

Are your fears real or imagined? If not based on your own past experiences, they may be just someone else’s story, amplified by your imagination into something that MIGHT happen to you one day. Don’t forget there are plenty of politicians and fear merchants out there who wish to manipulate you into becoming fearful. Plenty of examples of this today!

Don’t get caught by the confusion that seeks to divide you from your feelings by feeding your intellect with hypothetical fears, seeking to divide you from those around you,

Love deserves to be defended and fought for in these challenging times. Love, trust and above all, communication will always find solutions!

What can you do now?

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