Designate Your Destiny: Navigating Life's Path with Purpose

Designate Your Destiny: Navigating Life's Path with Purpose 

By Ian Mansell

Mindfulness is asking us to elevate our consciousness; to be more aware of our thoughts and behaviours so we can go beyond the immediate gratifications of the here-and-now.

Seeing ourselves in a larger mirror of perception is to step outside ourself and observe our behaviour from the viewpoint of an outsider or indeed as our angel guides see us: not just a person engaged in the everyday concerns of survival but as a spiritual being walking a path towards enlightenment.

A key step on this pathway is when we decide to take control of our life. No longer a victim being pushed around by the demands and expectations of others, but becoming the master of our own ship, steering our life in the direction we want it to go.

Which ties in nicely with this month’s keyword: Designate.

Being clear what our purpose is in life is the Holy Grail of our spiritual search, the number one question we ask our spiritual advisors. 

If only we knew our purpose we would be able to start stripping away all that is irrelevant, distracting us from our real purpose. To use our precious time here to greater effect. We could sort out our career and our relationships. We could prioritise where we spend our time, where we invest our attention, and what we can confidently eliminate from our crowded agendas.

We could then Designate a role, a place, a position, a priority in our life for all the waves of distractions that come to flood us in our daily urban lives.

To designate means to activate our Intuitive Gift: to take command of our environment; to give direction to people and activities, setting boundaries and opening opportunities for new growth.

Our first seven years from birth we spent largely in our Feeling gift. We absorbed everything in our environment without much of a filter. If something was not right we could often only show we were upset with an emotional outburst, then wait for someone else to come and fix things for us. We were sensitive and open but needed outside protection to keep us from harm.

From seven to fourteen years we acquired the tools that give us control of our own world. This is our Intuitive Gift. We developed physical strength and agility to move things around to our needs or liking. Mental skills of communication and calculation enabled us to set energy in a controlled way for our future. We could plant seeds, nurture animals, learn to cook and sew, and how to defend ourself in the playground.

We designated a proper place for our feeling nature by setting boundaries around it, giving direction to our environment so it didn’t intrude too much on our sensitivity and organising our world to better suit our needs.

It is not until our twenties, when we had established a life of our own, that we began to question what really fits with us as a unique individual. We may have experienced several relationships and jobs before choosing which offers the best chance for fulfilment and personal satisfaction.

Without a clear purpose in life at this stage we could only guess and try by experiment to find what will work for us. At first we usually just allow ourself to follow the patterns of our family and peers, allowing their expectations to shape our life. The consequences may have been woeful or just plain boring if we found ourself in a life that was too comfortable and not really challenging us in the way we needed.

Our soul part, our feelings, need to be challenged. If life does not challenge us to grow, to change, to shed our old skin, we will lack spirit and likely sink back into spiritual apathy. Spiritual growth requires us to be challenged to expand beyond our old ways. Faced with a challenge, we become alive. Our eyes sparkle, we are alert, inquisitive, inspired and inspiring.

So let’s come back to our purpose in life. We all do have a purpose in life – in fact we couldn’t have come to this planet without one. And we each have our own unique purpose for being here.  Your angels know what it is because you discussed it with them before you were born.  They have all your ‘case files’ - your soul’s history and your soul’s desires – and you actually commissioned them to make sure you stay on track with those plans this lifetime.

It’s only your poor old intellect, who knows nothing about anything that happened before your birth, that remains ignorant of your plan. As long as we live life from our intellect we will never know our life’s purpose. Only our feeling nature can give us the clues we need.

What gives you a feeling of fulfilment? What are you passionate about doing? What experiences do you crave? What do you get so absorbed in doing that time seems to stand still? What gives you chills or goosebumps? These are some clues you may receive from your feeling self.

Better is, once you have established a good communication with your angels, you can ask them “is it in my best interests to engage with this person or to pursue this activity?”

Best of all though is to have a Unique Vibration Consultation, in which your angels divulge to the consultant’s angels the words of your Unique Vibration. Your Unique Vibration is a sentence, a very feeling sentence, that encapsulates both the qualities you have brought to this life and the spiritual goals you have set for yourself. It is your Mission Statement for life!

Knowing your Unique Vibration provides you with powerful tools:

  • A confirmation of your inner strength that you can use to reassert confidence in yourself any time you feel under pressure
  • A map of the most important direction you want your life to go in, as well as an alarm against the tendencies that hinder you from achieving that
  • A means to clarify your goals and priorities in life 
  • Details of how each of your angels is assisting you in that
  • A doorway to better understand your feeling nature and the journey that brought you to this lifetime

In light of all that, how would you now feel about designating – re-designing your life to be more in accord with your true purpose? It won’t be a piece of cake to do because there will, of course, be practical issues to deal with, but I’m sure you would feel vastly more confident knowing where you are heading (and where you are not). 

It becomes far easier to negotiate the bumps in life’s road once you understand that you have already designated a clear destination for yourself

You can organise for a Unique Vibration Consultation (#5003) through the Living Illumination website or speak with your POD leader. The only pre-requisite is having done the Business Of Life workshop.

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