Mindfulness as a Key to Abundance

Mindfulness as a Key to Abundance

By Tracey Tomlinson

Who are you? Are you your thoughts and feelings? Are you the sum of your education and certificates? Are you the children of your parents, the siblings of your brothers or sisters, or the employee of the organisation you work for?

You are all of these, yet you are none of these things. When you are mindful of your soul, you know that you, as the universe is, are infinite energy. You are but one spec in the universe, and yet you are a unique energy being, unlike any other. No two souls are exactly the same, for they have not walked our exact path and do not have our exact blueprint for this lifetime or destiny beyond this lifetime. You are unique and yet connected as one at the same time.

This may not be the everyday conversation you are mindful of, or perhaps it is.

If it is not, then the fact that you are reading this indicates that you are ready for a bigger picture. If it is, you are ready to have some of your hunches confirmed and some myths demolished to make room for more truth.

If you are an energetic being, you are energy. Energy is constantly changing, and it is either expanding or retracting. The more your energy expands, the greater love you feel, the more abundance you experience, and the freedom of thought you can access.

Freedom of thought may seem far fetched right now, perhaps not even desired. However, your ability to be free of thoughts increases your experience of peace and your innate strengths to expand. Your sensitivity, your inherent feeling nature is what provides us with fulfilment, and the more you nurture this, the more satisfaction you have in your life.

The typical daily grind and way of doing things often take people into their heads, which detracts from the feeling nature - your sensitivity. Usually, this is a product of education and becomes a way of life, a habit, not knowing there is a different way to live.

When you are mindful of these things and want to tap into your sensitivity and your feeling nature, your daily routine and habits often change to support your desire. This is your soul part talking to you and giving you messages about what is really in your best interest.

For example, the change of routine to include a daily walk in nature every morning before starting your working day, even if on your way to work. This is a great way to be more in your feelings and less in your head; the time to be mindful, soaking up the fresh air and nature surrounding you. The desire to spend time in the garden or working on physical projects is an opportunity to be more in your feelings and less in your head. 

Meditation can be a way to increase your mindfulness, slow your brain down, give it a rest, and allow your intellect to park itself to the side. This will let you drop into your soul, allowing it to rise and expand.

When deeply using your intellect, it’s as if your energetic virtues drop back and become second-rate. In contrast, deep satisfaction and fulfilment come from giving your feeling nature the front-row seat it deserves - a first-class position in your life with the maximum opportunity to grow and expand.

Putting your intellectual nature back in the second row and receiving direction from the first-class captain of your ship (your feelings) provides you with the best opportunity to fulfil your soul’s path and purpose this lifetime. 

The Decoys:

Have you ever noticed that focusing more on your worries can often lead to more stress and worries? And yet focusing more on your virtues and strengths can lead to fewer stresses and worries. Perhaps something to consider in the context of the power you have to change your life at any point in time, maybe today.

However, there are many hidden decoys you need to be aware of on your journey to grow your mindfulness, awareness and sense of the truth. Some of these include the constant chatter in your head, for example, criticising, condemning, complaining or analysing anything and everything. Thoughts and “desires” you have which are not really for your true benefit, such as comfort zones, anger, gluttony, greed, addiction and pride, to name a few.

Let’s take having a comfortable life for example. Whoever achieved a deep sense of love, joy and connection from a bigger TV, larger lounge suite, eating more chocolate or drinking more wine? The buzz of acquiring or consuming these things sustains you only briefly. But always, if joy and fulfilment are not the foundation of your soul, what drives you to that buzz comes back, whether that is reward, addiction, loneliness, competition for success, or desire to be loved.

The success you see in people with community vision making a genuine difference in the world, whether that is an athlete, entrepreneur, teacher, or that favourite aunt who is kind and never seems to speak ill of anyone that just loves you to bits. None of these accomplishments or the virtues that drive them come from excessive wants or behaviours, and it’s likely the opposite.

The Athlete:

The elite athlete has incredible discipline and determination, life-affirming routines and good habits around their sleeping, eating, exercise and training. A burning desire to become better and more skilled at their area of focus and be the best version of themselves on any given day. Do they have setbacks? Of course, injuries or personal challenges may come across their path; however, they have the constitution of someone who does not entertain comfort zones, greed, pride etc., by the very nature of their mission.

The Teacher:

Look at the kindergarten teacher that you most admire. The ones you remember that fill you with joy are always calm and kind. The children settle in easily with her and the environment she has created. Why? Because she has a routine that provides for this, a foundation of practices to enhance her gratitude, love and mindfulness. 

The Boss:

Consider the boss that can remove themselves from their stresses and the demands on them to consider their staff. One that practices active listening is present to those around them and mindful of what people are dealing with personally, whether inside or outside of work, that may affect their concentration or performance. This level of mindfulness requires a bigger picture of themselves and their deadlines and an ability to see others’ needs as part of the entire picture.

Mindfulness from Your Soul Part

Mindfulness can start with a simple act of care, asking yourself how you feel about this or focusing on your strengths and virtues versus your doubts and worries. Your mindfulness plays a role in your ability to tap into your soul part versus being led almost entirely by your intellect. The more mindful you are, the more you can pick up on the sometimes subtle messages you receive daily, guiding us through the small and significant changes and situations in life. 

The instances where you have a gut feeling about something and know whether to take that turn or not, or the tap on the shoulder you receive when you need the courage to open a door that is beneficial for you but which has perhaps been fraught with fear for you until a guiding force reassures you to take the step and face your fears rather than retreating. 

You are receiving such messages daily. Often they are small, and you don’t even notice them, like bringing the washing in from the line now, and then a few minutes later, it starts to rain. Sometimes they are the recognition that you are like your parents in your daily activities, whether that be good or not so good in your opinion.

The release of any daily chatter in your mind, or relentless thoughts about; what’s for dinner, or the meeting you had with your boss or clients earlier, i.e. the past or the future, can all be a distraction from your mindfulness and the gems awaiting us which can help us grow and become a better version of ourself. 

Mindfulness can allow you to have a quiet mind, to be present and to take note of that which is essential or beneficial for your growth, versus focussing on things that are merely temporary in life and, whilst they may seem relevant, are not necessarily going to give us a level of growth or satisfaction on your journey over time. Wishing you had worked more hours is not likely to be one of your regrets when you are on your deathbed.

Whilst the temptation to be forever busy in your life and your head may be appealing, the long-term outcome of this can result in a life where you have little peace, are not able to be present with yourself and those you love and commune with and perhaps feel like you are on a never-ending treadmill that continues to serve up the next thing you need to do or to think about. There is little satisfaction and fulfillment when you live this way.

Your mindfulness can be aided by the small things you do regularly, such as taking time out, walking in nature, meditating, turning off the radio/TV and screens to focus on us and being able to quieten your mind and drop into your feeling nature, your soul. A daily focus on this, even for a short time each day, can have immeasurable effects over time. It can be like putting a penny in a piggy bank. It might not seem like much, but the longer you partake in this activity, the greater the rewards as your abundance builds over time.

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