The Mindful Path to Clarity of Purpose

The Mindful Path to Clarity of Purpose

By Sashua Benay

Have you ever come to a time in your life when you have had an aha moment and said that’s it! I found it! This is my purpose! For others it may be an elusive question that you seem to have been on the quest for over many years. Wherever you are on this spectrum, mindfulness can get you closer to the true answer.  And when it comes to your purpose, there is always more to unfold…

To be in the zone of finding and living your purpose there are some important attributes you can embody to help ensure you are on the path to truth. Mindfulness is key.  Your purpose is more than a dream job, great cause or a passionate hobby. Whilst these life experiences that can give you great fulfilment in life, your purpose dives further towards a deeper quest.

Consider for a moment when you were a child. Back then you were closer to the purity of who you are as a soul.  However, you had not yet experienced what life in this world had to offer you. You had a lot of soul wisdom, like the old soul we see in babies’ eyes.  Yet you hadn’t explored the landscape fully enough to know how to bring this wisdom into the world or at the very least, into your own environment.

Over the years, your memory of this pure potent version of yourself is likely to have dwindled and your light may have been slowly dimmed.  This can be as a result of succumbing to the conditioning around you.  It can be stimulated out of survival and safety, only to be primed to conform into what was considered the norm. “The way things are around here.” 

This may have been prevalent in your home environment, the education you participated in, social networks you then became involved in or professions you embarked on. All of these opportunities have sculpted who you are today. But have you ever re-visited the purity of what you knew of your child-like soul self before you were enveloped in this programming?

The truth is our divine purpose is something only your soul understands to its fullest intent. Call it destiny or your unique vibration of energy that you set for yourself before you incarnated into this lifetime. In planetary terms, you might call it a stretch target for your soul.  One that forever beckons you to fulfil on its promise. 

As a soul you came into this world to learn, heal and evolve. Heal your past and put it to bed with forgiveness, to then feel your momentum moving forward into the expansion that you were destined for.   Where are you on that journey right now?


Taking time to reflect on your bigger aspirations in life is an important part of this process of clarity of purpose and how to fulfil it.  If you focus on finding your true direction, sitting in mindfulness, asking the right questions and being present enough to receive the answers is where new revelations can unfold.  These can take you beyond planetary options to expansive universal possibilities of what you are truly destined for.  And it begins and ends within you.


Where is your attention and intention pointing?  Many can focus on the trouble around us.  Understandable when it can feel so consuming.  If you can cleanse your energy and lift your ATTENTION to set the INTENTION to find your bigger calling purpose with curiosity and humility, more opportunities for understanding can unfold.

Sitting in Mindfulness

Sitting in stillness and clearing your thoughts to have no pre-conceived ideas of your purpose can offer you a blank canvas to explore.  Letting go of the distractions of the day, areas that carry worry, guilt or sadness, unresolved traumas are all important elements to resolve on your quest of understanding your soul’s journey.  This unburdened clear feeling can then help create the mindfulness required to go deep within and tune into the positive energy that is around you for answers.  

Asking the Right Questions

If you have opinions or fixed ideas on what you believe your purpose to be from what you have been able to discern so far, then it is possible you may influence the answers by asking certain questions and omitting others.  The Universe and your Guides WANT to communicate with you.  They know your purpose and are keen to share their insights on what you are ready to hear at any stage of your journey.  Your job is to ask open questions and use communication methods like free writing and our 4W’s technique to discern the information received.

Openness to Receive the Answers

When your energy is cleansed and you ask for the truth of clarity in your purpose in earnest, this can provide the most fertile landscape to receive meaningful insights.  Sometimes they may come as parables or show themselves as symbols and synchronicities.  One important consideration is not having expectations of when or how the insights come.  And when they do, be prepared to sit in mindfulness to let the fullness of the message land for you. Being forever a student, humble to embody their wisdom.

Discover Your Truth

To truly delve into this fascinating and heart quenching journey, you may wish to consider these steps to provide the fuel and tools to ensure your quest is a rewarding one:

Participate in the Business of Life Workshop for connection and conscious communication with your Spirit Guides uncovering your unique spiritual gifts.

Mastering Communication with Guidance course to become a channel for your Guides messages for yourself and your journey to inform every area of your life.

Unique Vibration Profile where you receive channelled detail on each of your Guides, understanding yourself in their reflection.  And receive a phrase that as best as one can describe in words, encapsulates your energy purpose this lifetime.  An enlightening tool to use for deeper energy insights.

Clarity of purpose through mindfulness is a big subject.  The joys of which can feed your soul in the discovery of each exciting, sometimes challenging yet always heart-warming chapter.  Embark on the journey of your soul’s greatest gift.  Firstly, for love of yourself and then for the love you want to share with the world.  It may offer you the deepest sense of fulfilment and meaning above what you thought possible for yourself this lifetime. An inner harmony beyond words.

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