Galvonising Your Inner Wisdom To Reduce Stress In Life

Galvonising Your Inner Wisdom To Reduce Stress In Life

By: Tracey Tomlinson 

Stress is something we can not avoid. It’s a part of every day life, whether it be the simple task of being on time for something, when we have been delayed and are running late for something important, where it really has an impact if we are on time or perhaps we’re missing a vital ingredient for a dish we’re in the middle of cooking, or something changes radically in our environment that we have no control over for example a COVID lockdown which plays havoc with our life for a time.

The Top 10 Causes of Stress

What causes stress in life?

Psych says that The top 10 Stressors in Life are:

1. Death of a spouse

2. Divorce

3. Martial separation

4. Being incarcerated

5. Death of a close family member

6. Major personal injury or illness

7. Marriage

8. Being fired or laid off from work

9. Marital reconciliation (believe it or not, due to the changes/upheaval this creates)

10. Retirement I would add to this list; starting your own business or entrepreneurial venture and embarking on a career change and moving house is also considered high on the list of stressors in life. Perhaps these are number 11 and 12?

Either way, regardless of the root cause of the stress there is an inner wisdom you hold inside that has solutions which can ease and reduce the stress we experience.

Bespoke solutions just for you, not cookie cutter advice that’s right for the next guy, or generic advice from google that applies to everyone I’m talking about what would make life less stressful for you specifically.

When we are able to galvanise our inner wisdom we can reduce the stress we experience in life. So then, you might be asking how do we do that?

Our Inner Wisdom To Reduce Stress

Our inner wisdom can show up in many ways;

It can be the inner knowing that we need something at the supermarket that’s no on our list to buy and then a week later we need that ingredient and the supermarket is out of stock, but it doesn’t matter, the special meal that we’re preparing will go ahead because our inner knowing told us to stock up on the rare key ingredient a week before it was out of stock so the birthday celebrations will be enjoyed regardless.

Or we know when to stand up for ourselves and when to sit back and listen.

We know when to hold em and when to fold em so to speak. This can be key in business when making decisions to exit and or keep going on the same front for example when you may be stresses and have given a venture a lot of time and energy, perhaps not seeing the results you’re looking for to feel satisfied. When do you keep going and when do you fold? Our inner wisdom when tuned into can give us the direction we’re looking for with reassurance as to why it’s the right decision for us. That’s something chat GPT cant’ deliver. It comes from within.

Imagine being able to grieve the death of a loved one with love and compassion, understanding and acceptance, closure and inspiration, thereby reducing the pain of a dear one passing and thereby making the grieving process easier and shorter than perhaps it may be otherwise.

What if you could go through divorce in half or less of the usual time and save yourself tens of thousands of dollars in the process. Would that be worth it?

Staying calm in the lead up to a major event like a wedding can mean the difference between a loving joyous day and of course the months and weeks leading up to the big day versus a stressful experience where the bride/groom and those around them are anxious, nervous or on edge.

Being fired or laid off work is stressful for most. It is often a shock that you didn’t see coming, or even if you did see it coming then there’s the question of what next which may be stressful if you don’t already have a plan, or trust that everything will work out for the best. Being made redundant may come with it’s advantages if you get a payout, however the experience of being one of the people that were cut and seeing your colleagues carry on with their roles can be disheartening and impact your self esteem if you don’t have a healthy and strong sense of your skills and inherent value.

Even the glorious perspective of retirement which lots of people yearn for can be stressful. What if I run out of money? Do I have enough savings and or assets to provide for myself and or my partner for the next 30 years. Not knowing how old one will live to and planning financially and otherwise for the future can have it’s stresses with a decline in health possible and unknown.

How Can Our Wisdom Help Us To Reduce the Inevitability of Stress in Life?

Given stressful situations are inevitable, what can we do about them to reduce the stress we experience and therefore enjoy life more and have better experiences and outcomes regardless of the situation? You might be thinking, is this even possible? Or, this wouldn’t work for me, for others perhaps with lots of time or money or some other factor, but I’m not in that situation.

Well what if it is possible and could work for you? You see, the art of using our inner wisdom can greatly reduce the amount of stress that we experience in life. Why? Because we can tap into solutions which can make us feel empowered, supported, enlightened in our given situation, as though the situation may be challenging but that there is always something we can know, feel or do to make a positive difference for ourself.

Accessing our winner wisdom is not searching on google for a list of solutions, whilst that might be helpful in general, it won’t give you specifics for handling a difficult personal relationship, for example angst between a co-worker, or a family member.

Your ability to access your bespoke inner wisdom is being able to tap into what you know within, “your knowing”. Our ability to know, like really know that everything will be ok in a particular situation, or that we will find a solution to the challenge at hand, firstly we need to relax and go within.

A connection with our inner self and our guidance can be of immense use to tap into our wisdom and what is truly right for us. Given nobody else can tell us what’s right for us it is up to us to find out for ourselves what’s in our best interest, in every area of our life.

The Business of Life Workshop, personal one on one energy consultations such as the Life Blockage Release Consultation or the Loyalty Consultation and other seminar series and courses can give us the tools to be able to access the wisdom within for ourselves. When we do this and experience it in our lives we learn how to trust it more and to live a life with less stress and fewer regrets.

Being able to trust that in daily life all is well when the chips are down and that we will essentially be ok, for the most part can bring a reassurance and peace to our lives. Working with our energy and our guidance can provide this for us along with the solutions and next steps that will ease the stress in any situation we face.

What can you do now?

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