Wisdom: The Hidden Gem of our Experiences

Wisdom:  The Hidden Gem of our Experiences

By Sashua Benay

In our journey through life, the pursuit of wisdom is as ancient as humanity itself. It's the golden thread that connects us to both the past and the present, enriching our understanding of ourselves and the world around us. Wisdom isn't merely acquired; it is cultivated through the myriad experiences that shape our existence. From the unexpected twists and turns to the quiet paths less travelled, every moment is an opportunity to harvest profound insights.

Wisdom is not confined to the elders among us; often, even the youngest minds possess an innate depth that seems sourced from lifetimes past. Whether it emerges from our experiences or from the echoes of the past, wisdom invites us to listen, learn and lead. Embrace every encounter—be it with people, challenges, or crossroads—as a potential lesson in this educational experience called life. Open yourself to the diversity of wisdom's teachings, found in every age and echoed through both familiar voices and unfamiliar experiences.

Here are 3 key steps to finding the hidden gems in your Wisdom:

1. Acknowledge the Learning – When life's experiences deliver a stark lesson, resist the urge to minimize or ignore its impact. Instead of sweeping it under the carpet or hastily moving past it, embrace the role of a lifelong learner. Recognize the traits, mistakes or missteps you've made and understand that these experiences are often orchestrated by the universe for our growth. Sit with these lessons, they are invaluable for your journey.

2. Propagate the Wisdom – Reflect deeply on your experiences. Ask yourself: Why is this happening again? What is it about these recurring situations that I am drawn to, or that are drawn to me? How might I be hindering my own progress? Consider the self-limiting beliefs that may be blocking your path to self-realisation. Engage with your spiritual guides and be receptive to fresh insights that can transform these lessons into profound wisdom.

3. Live Its Truth – Take the insights gained from your reflections and integrate them into your life. This isn’t about theoretical knowledge; it’s about practical application. Change your routines, take decisive actions and foster new habits that reflect your evolving understanding. Remain open to continuous insights, recognising that as your perspective broadens, your approach may also need to adapt. Embrace the cycle of Acknowledgment – Propagation - Active Living to truly embody the wisdom you cultivate.

Gathering a wealth of wisdom is surely our life’s work.  And unrealised wisdom is surely our biggest lost opportunity.  Wisdom can inform our life and how we manoeuvre through it. It can also give rise to a feeling that we are not just witnesses to our own life, but navigators in the journey of lifetimes.  Are you at your helm?

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