How to discover the 'Echo of Your Feelings'

How to discover the 'Echo of Your Feelings' 

By Kristy Kaye

Do you ever hear whispers of truth that have helped you navigate your path, even when they make no logical sense?

Have you followed or actioned those whispers and experienced success? Maybe you hear nothing but the noise of thoughts in your mind.  When do you feel the most energy, the most power? When do you feel the most drained, and disempowered? 

The truth is always speaking to us.  This article provides a 'Truth Echo Technique' to help you listen to and recognise the truth and wisdom that is within you.  

In her book, The Constitution of Our Soul, Kristy Kaye explains immortality. 
"If you have ever wondered if someone is going to be there for you when transition happens, you may acknowledge this is the purpose of your Guidance/angels. (Read Understanding our true home).  They are always there.  You only have to look up.  You will see them as lights.  When you call them in close to you, your whole perspective and energy changes.”

Living Illumination offers a Business of Life Workshop where you learn to activate and experience direct and profound communication with your Guidance.  When you embark on conscious communication you can access all the answers to the unanswered questions in your life.  

We all have universal guidance, you may refer to it as inner-guidance, intuition, gut-instinct, an inner-voice.  As all-knowing, intelligent, energy beings we can tap into that when we align ourselves with that power.  One way to open to our inner guidance is to listen for the truth echo within ourselves to help us discern the authenticity of our own feelings and to help us discern our decisions.  

It is essential for us to patiently feel our way through life, using our inner truth and its echo as our guides as opposed to thinking and analysing to make our decisions.  Each day offers a possibility of doing this in a new cultivated way, building upon our yesterdays.

The Prussian military thinker, Carl von Clausewitz quotes:
If the mind is to emerge unscathed from this relentless struggle with the unforeseen, two qualities are indispensable: fist, an intellect that even in the darkest hour, retains some glimmerings of the inner light which leads to the truth; and second, the courage to follow this light wherever it may lead.”

Inside you there is a big echo chamber you may hear or see that is created for every idea that enters your realm of influence, and how loud or soft it is can help you monitor the truth.  It almost happens at the speed of light, perhaps a bit fast to catch it at first, but you can dwell on it after the fact to help discover its message and authenticity.  Creating the time, space and even silence can support you in this discovery.

Kristy Kaye, suggests the 'Truth Echo Technique' to help you recognise it easier:

  • Picture inside you there is a giant valley and as someone speaks his or her truth, it comes echoing back to you, or there is no echo at all or only a small one.
  • Now, using this innate quality each of us has (the echo), you can take each of the theories you have heard or lived, one at a time, and close your eyes and perhaps you will see the echo before you hear it, or you will hear it or feel its vibration or automatically as you close your eyes know the extent of the echo.

It is a technique suitable for many diverse circumstances. You may use it upon waking and determining where you direct your energy for the day, going to an event, deciding on a new job or even where you choose to live.  The opportunities are endless.

If there is an echo, it is the truth.  No echo means it's false. If it is in between loud and no echo, there is truth, but it is not being clearly presented for some reason.  A half-truth.  Sometimes the reason we have no echo may be because of ambiguity or it’s none of our business.  Perhaps it’s not our opportunity to be involved or we are ambivalent about the subject matter.  If we pursue it, we may attract learning lessons or “experiences” we would prefer to avoid.  Our soul’s constitution can guide us this way through our lives to make the right decisions once we are aware of its potential.  

If you reflect on past experiences, you may recognise the signs for yourself of when you’ve had that deep sense of undeniable knowingness, when it felt absolutely right, when you heard or saw the truth clearly.  Being present to those moments and staying in the present will help you solidify the sense of clarity, joy and fulfilment the truth echo brings.  Why not experiment with it and start to reap the benefits of your innate wisdom.  We’d love to hear your experiences.

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