Understanding our True Home

Understanding our True Home

By Kristy Kaye

Do you ever look up at the galaxy of stars at night, or the vast blue sky above you and ponder your place in the universe?  Is it something you take for granted that is just there and that’s all there is to it? Do you see it as a threatening place or a realm of infinite possibilities?  What is the space beyond planet earth? Are we separate from the universe or is it a part of us? 

This post will look at the common question of “Where do I come from?”  We’ll provide an understanding of universal consciousness versus the limiting picture of planetary ideals.

At some point in our lives we start to ask the big questions, like “Where do I come from?”  and “What am I doing here?” We may answer the first question, “I come from a specific town or city or country on planet earth.” What if you stopped breathing tomorrow… Would you still be from there? 

Traditionally, religions and those that had a faith in “God '' associated the universe with “heaven” and were therefore reassured as its place of ultimate belonging.  This gave a framework of human creation and its purpose.  

Anthroposophist Rudolph Steiner (1861-1925) taught that we are intimately bound up with the universe, even to the physical structure of our bodies and the way to feel at home in the universe was to understand our unique significance. In the introduction to his book At Home in the Universe, Paul Margulies writes:
“The Earth is not our home.  Our true home is in the world of stars. … Without some sense that we are spiritual beings we feel neither at home in the world or stars nor here on Earth.”

So, if the universe is our true home, you could say we belong to the universe, are part of the universe and live in the universe.  If we live in the universe, then we came from there to here when we were born, and if this physical body is not our true vehicle, then what is? 

If you ever lost anyone to transition – which is what we call passing on from one state to another, you may have felt their presence after they passed on? Possibly for 3 days or maybe 3 months, and sometimes much longer.  You just witnessed someone returning to their real home. The real you, your energy, is immortal, therefore we may want to consider its passage because it is where we go – with it. 

We have what we call an etheric vehicle commonly known as a soul.  What is a soul?  

We are a soul. Something that is eternal, immortal and can travel through galaxies unencumbered if we change our mind set from some very fixed pictures to spontaneous and magnanimous. How does that feel to be immortal ---- very… very… old?

So what’s an immortal being like us doing in a mortal body of matter - thinking that we are limited in time and movement and ardently living our belief?

That’s a very good question and one that has a host of answers. 

To find those answers we must embark on a journey of self-discovery.  To discover our own answers to often big questions. Now if we are these wise beings who kind of got lost somewhere in that space out there and came here to learn more about ourselves – we may call that ‘searching for self-understanding’. 

We are here on this planet to find our own answers and because we are so old there is probably not much we don’t know but perhaps copious information we don’t remember.  We have therefore decided to come here for something specific.  

In her book The Constitution of Our Soul, Kristy Kay explains, “Planet earth is not a social destination. Neither did we come here to build physical structures at the expense of our metaphysical needs and direction, other than what our purpose dictates, because nothing lasts. We can only visit, and we don’t have any control over where we may reincarnate.”  We had or have a mission, something we have to do.  There is a ‘business’ to our life.

If we just came to kind of remember something or fix something or heal something – and that’s not as easy as it sounds, lots of people here are forgetting who they are and trying to involve us in their stuff.   Perhaps we need some kind of bodyguards or protectors or at least advisors to help us steer clear of things that may dilute us or use our time unwisely.  A tradesman, security guard or professionally trained people or person to hang around us all day making sure what we are doing is according to our plan?   To help us avoid the temptations to become over or under involved in the games and/or business of planet earth? 

The Universe, our true home, is a broad but relevant description for the monumental system it embodies.  When we connect with ‘the universe’, our true home, we use a team of experts who we can call our guidance who are our interpreters of the universe.  They are a team of master souls whom we have contracted with prior to coming here to planet earth to help us with self-understanding and healing.   We also call them Angels, Guides, Master Souls, Guidance, our inner-guidance or the Divine.

Our Guidance are always with us – 24 hours a day  - not just when we are asleep, or in trouble.   So the reason we want to talk about them is because when we consciously know about them we can use them a whole lot more in our lives.  

There are specific things we want to learn in this lifetime, so we contract Angels who have mastered those things and are in a great position to share their wisdom with us.

There is nothing they cannot help us with because they can see the future and remember the past – our past and the past of the people we are meeting with, living with, doing business with, going to meet, marry, have as children... they are like the most important people in our life and yet we hardly even acknowledge them even when we know they are there. 

There is nothing that our Guidance doesn't already know about us – they’ve been there since our first breath and will still be there until our last.  We have free will and can choose to communicate with them....and they don’t judge us if we choose not to.  But life can be so much easier and more fulfilling when we know we have a whole team on our side, backing us to find our flow of energy.

Of course, as with all things difficult there are rules of the game we and they have to follow.  They can’t give us all the answers - we have to be sought of nudged to discover them for ourselves.

But if they don’t have a body?  How do they talk to us?  Well we are not really just a body – remember we are really a soul who is temporarily carrying around a body for a specific purpose.  

So we don’t get distracted, we have angels who talk to us intelligently every day when we return home. Ok so you don’t remember returning home?  Well what did you do last night from about 11pm till 6 or 7 in the morning?  Don’t remember exactly?  There is a good reason for that – it was because you were returning home whilst your body and mind were sleeping. 

You were also recharging your energy because you are not really from planet earth and your energy feels a little thin by the end of the day so when you close your eyes there is a good chance you travel.  Some people even remember flying in their dreams. Well that’s what you do you (to be scientific about it – you stretch the silver cord) (the same one you break when you pass on) and return to the universe. 

There is a good reason you don’t remember it exactly, because your intellect - where you probably store a lot of your memories – didn’t go with you. It was busy sleeping. It will never leave planet earth.  It comes with your body when you are born and stays here when you leave. 

In essence you are intelligent energy.  This means you are wise, immortal, omnipotent, limitless and boundless.  This intelligence has nothing in common with your intellect.  Your intellect is not a permanent part of you.  In fact, it only serves you for this one lifetime. Therefore investing in your intellect’s mortality at the expense of your soul-discovery can undermine you discovering and living the tranquility of your inner-truth.

Albert Einstein quotes, “The intellect has little to do on the road to discovery.  There comes a leap in consciousness, call it intuition or what you will, the solution comes to you and you don’t know how or why”.  Ask your inner-guidance!

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Your true home is in the here and the now. It is not limited by time, space, nationality, or race. Your true home is not an abstract idea. It is something you can touch and live in every moment.  - Thich Nhat Hanh, “Returning Home”, Shambhala Sun (March 2006)

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