The Victim’s Journey to Sanity

The Victim’s Journey to Sanity

Author: Ian Mansell   

Sure, you know about addictions. You've had plenty of them at one stage of another this lifetime, and you’re  pretty good at getting rid of them too.

Caffeine, tobacco, weed, alcohol, salt, sugar, meat.... not to mention relationships, sex, praise, domination…

Been there done that, learnt the lesson, moved on. Or in some cases, moved back to it, but with a clearer understanding of why you’re doing it. You can now use free will with full awareness of the consequences of your actions, rather than just mindless addiction. 

Giving up anything just boils down to two steps:

  • Without changing any of your habits, just start observing yourself in a factual, judgment free way.  How many cigarettes did I smoke today?  When? What else was going on at the time – what were the possible stressors – what was I feeling at the trigger time and what was I feeling as a consequence?
  • Analyse the patterns then resolve to try to do something completely different at the danger times. Change your routines and substitute your craving for something healthier. And then stick with it.

What is there to say about addictions that you haven’t already heard a million times?

Let’s explore a scenario. Have you ever woken from a dream angry, resentful and feeling impotent? Then added that to your storehouse / filing cabinet in your mind, of anger, resentment and frustration-filled events for which there was no resolution, no remedy and no justice. Add it to my collection of unfair things that have happened to me – schoolyard bullying, undeserved punishments,  being overlooked for promotion,  unfair criticism. And it isn’t just this lifetime either – grievances over ways of being mistreated  through previous lifetimes that may have included  wars, disputes, inquisitions, betrayals and persecutions stretching way back to the year dot.

This catalogue of woes is what makes you A Victim

The inner dialogue goes: "Some day, when the day of reckoning comes. I will be able to stand witness to all the terrible things that have been done to me, and those b&%^$ will pay for it all! Then at last I will be vindicated, and they will be damned! What a victory is in store for me, just so long as I can remember all the details of all these events! I mustn’t let them go!"

So you store the memories inside you, where they will fester and ferment. You become bitter as you nurse your anger, and resent those who appear not to have suffered like you have.

You cannot sleep. You cannot relax. You cannot be happy until justice is done!

But behold! Here is a cigarette, a joint, a beer that will dull your pain, dull your brain, allow you to forget your resentful thoughts for a little while!  And here is another distraction – a book, a television drama, a nightclub, a footy match, a relationship – that will fill your head with a whole lot of thoughts unconnected to  your injustices, tantalising you with the fantasy of people who are not consumed with the problems that you have... Here is freedom from the tyranny in your head, even if it’s only for a few hours!

But when you sleep and the old anxieties return, demanding to be resolved, you cringe again, dream again and awake as a victim once more. 

Reaching for the breakfast cigarette.


How can we break this cycle?

Like any addiction, we start by observing ourself. 

What makes us angry? To whom do we feel resentment?

We ask our guidance (and if you haven't been formally introduced to them via a Business Of Life Workshop yet, just listen to the answers that resonate in your feelings):  is this resentment due to something that happened this lifetime or in a previous lifetime?

Was it with this person or someone else similar to them?

What really happened? and what was I unaware of at the time that will make a difference to my perceptions of the event?

So who needs to be forgiven?

If you are Trance trained or you can access someone who is, or else you can just ask your guidance: Are there souls in confusion who are still caught up in this event? If so can you please heal them now!

The truth is, every injustice you suffered that involved people other than just yourself will still be infected with souls. These confused souls are obsessed with pursuing justice for what was done to them. They are the ones who harass you day and night whenever anything similar to what they (and you) suffered comes into your thoughts.

Without their presence, you would be able to dismiss the events they describe as just another instance of man’s inhumanity to man – just another event in life’s endless journey. Learn your lesson and move on.

But until you are able to confront the confusion and get the souls to reconnect with their own guidance, you will continue to be a victim of their insatiable demands for justice and recompense.


How long do you want to hold onto your anger? How long do you want to pursue addictions that offer only temporary relief from the symptoms of inconsolable rage?

Isn’t it time you invested in yourself – your own sanity, as well as all those around you? 

It's another reason to get yourself on the train - the training that leads you to becoming a qualified Trance Healer! 

The planet is waiting for us to step up to the plate!

What can you do now?

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