‘Tis the Season to be Jolly or Dutiful

‘Tis the Season to be Jolly or Dutiful

Ebbin Florence

All I want for Christmas is inner joy, a joyful spirit and a joyful feeling!

But as the days near to Christmas you may feel the pull, like a strong magnet (the maze) and out comes duty instead of joy. You may find yourself in a season of being dutiful to the endless people and projects that need your attention and help.

Have you ever found on opening up a Christmas present with its lovely Christmas paper, ribbon and tinsel, that instead of feeling joy and enthusiasm, you felt you were opening up a box of duty. The pressure and expectation to then give gifts to others, where you have no enthusiasm involved.

How often do we open up endless boxes of duty? The duty to do for others, help others, buy for others, nurse others. All of which depletes your energy levels. And a constant giving away your energy to other people at the expense of your health and happiness. What a expensive gift! The expelling of your time and energy that is diverting you away from your purpose and plan. You find yourself in the depth of your maze endlessly trying to get out, with duty dragging your down and stealing the joy you need for your soul’s song.

During Christmas time or taxing time, what are the 10 ways you can remind yourself of self loyalty and staying on track to your path and purpose.

  1. Ask yourself what will your energy feel like if you give it away to duty;
  2. Decide to be loyal and loving to your soul self;
  3. Who will benefit from my energy, your soul or rude relatives;
  4. Choose to breath, decern and take time out to decern the direction you choose to take and where it will lead you in the new year;
  5. Discern within the family who are taxing and who is encouraging towards your path and purpose;
  6. Make a conscious decision to choose a destination of joy over a destination of duty;
  7. Spend precious time doing a course on clarification or destiny;
  8. Choose to cross the bridge from confusion to clarity and freedom;
  9. Type up a general ledger of cost -v- benefit of duty and joy;
  10. Decide to cross the bridge again from duty to joy.

‘Tis the season to launch into the new year. For some, the Christmas season can take a long time to recover from. If you find at your Christmas table a collaboration of people, you will also have a table of concepts at the table. These can be competition, an accumulation of emotions, memories and conflict. The silent undermining that can go on between siblings and relatives can be a huge tax to pay, and a bill that can take six months or more to recover from.

It can be a difficult table to navigate when you have duty before self-loyalty. This Christmas watch your energy, when you feel good, when you feel sincere, when you feel your energy being drained. Ask yourself are you doing this out of joy, or out of duty. If you choose duty, consciously count the cost to your energy. It is only through self awareness that we can choose a different destination next time.

May you find that your time is spent where you truly feel your energy is enriched.

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