New Year – New Goals - do you really know what you want?

New Year – New Goals - do you really know what you want? 

By Kristy Kaye

Is it a complicated idea?  

We have such a world of diversity to choose from.  It’s no longer spears and fire starters.  We now look out of glass windows onto manicured grass and an intense management program expected of us to upkeep it. 


But it is our Wants Chakra (Coccyx - located at the bottom of the spine) we are talking about which is all about our wants and loyalty to self.  The world around us complicates things.   We have our feelings which may seem simplistic but are truly deep and meaningful and complicated and then we have the physical world which seems complicated but is really simple.  

In the world of wants we don’t often involve our feelings.  We take the short cut to our intellect and then proceed to ruin our life with complications we don’t want or need. 

Reviewing our recent lives, we may conclude 

we are all mostly people who are used to locking themselves indoors.  We probably consider it safe and comfortable whereas outside is unknown and often unchartered waters.  But are we happy or just safe?   These are questions we need to ask ourselves.  

Are our wants around our fears.  Do we now want to make ourselves safer?

Having faced lockdown when we didn’t have a choice we often found and came to the reality our homes are a prison.  Many of us felt we needed bigger and better space to be able to do outdoor activities that were being denied to us under new regulations.  We had finally looked into the reality of our lives to investigate ourselves and ask many questions about what we really want?

What did you decide?  Did you sell up your property and hit the road?  Did you make your business something more flexible and less structured to the 9 to 5 routine?   Did you make what you do professionally fit your passion?   If not, why not? 

You are here on planet earth to master yourself.  That is not an easy task.  You may be at it your whole lifetime.  Taking on distractions that are not fulfilling is not going to be investments in that mission.  And despite all that you have been taught, that is all that matters. 

Unfortunately, others do not have our answers for us.  It is so very personal.  Each of us can only experience happiness by filling our own personal desires.  Not emotional ones but true desires.  They probably don’t involve other people.  

Many of us love to surf or visit the ocean as part of our routines.  That’s because the ocean represents our feelings and when we are there it’s easy for us to be ourselves and know the paths we need to take.   It doesn’t necessarily mean we will follow what we discern, because history will probably show us that we go back into our maze and everything stays the same.  

Ok what is a maze?  You know and have probably encountered the physical one you must find your way out of, but the spiritual one is much more difficult.  You build beginning of your maze in your first seven years when you deviate off the path of your feelings.  You do this because it’s easier than confronting the discipline of your parents or other authority figures.  You are little and fearful, and they are big and persuasive.  Because you begin so young it’s often difficult for you to appreciate it is a maze as it seems so normal.  

You may be told you are stupid, an idiot, slow, reckless, or bad.  You are none of those things, but if you hear them often enough you probably believe them.  Parents may find you a handful because you have a spiritual big picture which may not make sense to them but feels challenging, and others can be confronted by it too which leaves you a small island trying to maintain your integrity in the face of great adversity.   

One way or the other their way becomes the highway you take.  As the years go by you then believe you chose it yourself.  This is what a maze is, it’s hard to get out of because of your belief that you chose it.  Other pressure can be around career choices.   If your father is a lawyer, you might be pressured into thinking it’s also going to be your path.  The family has prepared it for you as if they know what you came to planet earth to do. 

Imagine if you had been a lawyer in your past six lifetimes and this time you have a different path and different career but you have to disappoint people to follow your true passion so is it easier to sacrifice your life mission?

This is the effect a maze can have on our life.   We are constantly following someone else’s ideas for us.  This can in turn make us directionless because we don’t really trust in our discernment because we never had any success at it. 

Don’t worry you chose this to help you mature into your own great leader.  What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger and so it is this way.  

Mainly the only help we need is encouragement to follow our true desires which is where our passion and purpose live. 

Challenge yourself to learn more about the person you call me, myself or I.  It’s a noble and necessary investment.  

What can you do now?

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