Do You Know What Awakening Really Means?

Do You Know What Awakening Really Means? 

By Kristy Kaye


It is a word that is bandied around a lot in spiritual circles.  

People use the word to fantasise what is a really difficult time. We arrive at where we are, stretching our aura from an infantile small reality to opening the windows for our soul to shine through. 

Did this happen to you, or did you have the intellectual fantasy? There is a huge difference.  Don’t believe the propaganda and promotion of what is a truly memorable and spiritual attainment. With blood, sweat and spiritual tears you reclaim your identity from a name someone gave you to a spiritual expression of your true immortal energy.  Imagine believing someone who hardly knows you, tell you what career you need to have, what you came to Planet Earth specifically for.  It’s a bit difficult to reconcile. 

Lots of things happen during this time.  The universe opens up some of its secrets, which may be hard to digest since life was full of a different kind of meaning for many years but it’s still unable to be ignored.   We, our energy and our attitude are changing and it takes all of our focus and we are forced to acknowledge the life of our soul self. 

The good parts are when we have validation of our impressions but there may be many misses before that happens. ‘It’s a journey’ you hear everyone say and it is just that.  Now it’s the little things that are important – what the inner voice is saying.  

So, you crushed or supressed it for most of your life and now you have to listen to it?  You wonder if it will ever arise again to any kind of prominence.   Well, there are plenty of other voices out there cheering you to fail. Don’t be fooled by them, they are part of the pain of awakening. The unbelievers have to go.   

Your soul is strong and once that window is open it is on its way to help run your life.  So, the things you came to expect as normal have a way of disappearing. That’s your soul talking. Don’t despair, I said that awakening was challenging, and it is. But it’s time to be ambitious to allow the emotions of anger, abuse, anxiety, fear to dissipate through working on the positive feelings you have just discovered. The clouds’ part and you feel wonderful but also the clouds can close and you experience emotions. 

This is because there are confused souls in the mix and if we don’t accept that reality, we may spend more time in awakening than we need to. 

We, our soul self, have probably been more enlightened than we are now in previous incarnations, but we still must take the journey from awakening upwards.  It’s a ladder to heaven but at this level it is considered a lower state of consciousness. Believe me we will know the difference when we reach the higher states of consciousness. Life is easy and the detracting voices we hear in our head are seldom menacing.  

If you are in-between, take heart there is more work to do.  

If you believe you have done a sincere Awakening course then you may believe the course is going to do it for you. That is not going to happen, you have to do the work by going over your notes and making the changes I have talked about.  Become aware of your own energy. The two soldiers you need beside you in this time of need are loyalty and sincerity. Loyalty not to others because that is counterproductive to progressing spiritually. Loyalty must be to yourself, and you need to do techniques to enforce it daily. It’s not easy if you have given away your energy to others hoping to be liked or loved. This is where you must straighten up in your own skin with courage to speak your truth and live your true desires. 

The other soldier you need is sincerity to follow through and do what you know you need to.  Turning up is 98% of assured success.  

If this is something you can relate to Living Illumination has a very effective and sincere group of courses called Pathways.  As you might imagine it starts at the beginning called Awakening. The courses that follow are the steps up the ladder of Acknowledgment of you as a soul. If you haven’t, why not take the journey. Life will shower you with energy.  

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