What is the Best Way to Spiritual Enlightenment

What is the Best Way to Spiritual Enlightenment

By Kristy Kaye

Have you ever found yourself saying, “life is a journey and not a destination”, right after some turmoil, pain, shock or crisis in your life? Or what about “what doesn’t kill me makes me stronger”.

There is truth in both of those statements. However, have you considered creating a trajectory of a life you desire, rather than life happening to you?

This is a crucial question to consider. When you commit time and energy to a refined level of spiritual learning, you create success through self-mastery. You exchange foresight for hindsight. This puts you in the driver’s seat; the captain of your destiny, the director in your film; the author of your book, the CEO of the business of YOU. The most important job you have on earth.

The topic of ‘spiritual enlightenment has a vast following, with over 57 million search results on Google along with many credible soul leaders speaking in this space. The most important part to remember is that you have all the answers within you. You will have experiences, ‘aha’ moments, turmoil, serendipities, stillness and space and a vast catalogue of lived experiences, past and present, to draw on. The mission is accessing these and regrouping them with clarity to draw on your innate wisdom and guidance.

It’s a big subject, and to expect a single article to produce living an illuminated life for you would be fanciful; however, we can explore steps towards achieving that goal.

If you feel your life is perfect at times, then view our article on ‘How Do I Awaken – The Seeds of Our Search’, which has some illuminating questions for you.

In this article, we will briefly cover 10 steps to enlightenment. Each step will then be expanded upon in follow-up articles. We encourage you to engage with us to share your experiences and the wisdom you have gathered in the comments section. Further, enlightenment requires action to your own path and inspire others to help them along in their journey. Like, share and invite others to this conversation.

Author, mentor and coach, Kristy Kaye in her profound book ‘The Constitution of Our Soul’ quotes:

“By investing in the truth of our spiritual journey rather than accepting blindly the belief system of others, we learn how to initiate freedom for ourselves, losing unwelcome harassments we may have previously believed impossible to shift. We can then breathe a sigh of relief as we discover conceivable options for living our potential and what it takes to do that.”

She outlines the 10 steps to enlightenment as:



Change your perspective on just about everything and open yourself to freedom.



Discover and expel any limiting beliefs or ideals that only bring you down or doesn’t deliver benefit to your soul part, passion and purpose.



Heal your past to find your power.



Commit to an authentic life by following through on a mission of self-discovery and passion.



Understand the difference between feelings and emotions and put your feelings first to discern what will propel you to success in each area of your life every day.



Time to meditate on how your life is faring. Carve out your daily time priorities and time just for you. Time to grow!



Regroup yourself daily. Learn to respect and nurture your energy to maintain balance.



Unplug yourself from the matrix of life.



Develop refined discernment to kill obligation that is not in your best interests, so your pathway to enlightenment is not challenged with ups and downs.



Gain the benefits are clarity, confidence, accomplishing more in less time and experiencing greater fulfilment, abundance and freedom in our life.



Have you yet awakened to the fact that you are an eternal spiritual being having a human experience? What does that mean to you?

In this significant step, we begin to realise some profound truths about our life. That we live in two worlds at once; a physical world that we know well, planet earth, and a spiritual world, the universe, and that we are on a journey to unfold the conflict that this dual existence can create.

When we invest time and consideration in this area, we understand that we are caught in a web of programming that just about everyone shares with us. We can refer to this as the level of our awareness of the truth about ourselves and our existence.

Everyone has the opportunity to study in the University of Spirit – it is a birthright of each of us. We may need guidance to find the pathways there because they are often fraught with our confusion about who we are, where we came from, and where we are going.

Just as our bodies have a modus operandi involving a profound physical system, our souls are a replica of the universal system of Spirit. Our body is a servant to our soul and mirrors our state of consciousness. Without recognition of these systems and the eventual self-realisation, we can encounter deceit, mistrust and frustration.

We can’t learn about enlightenment from an article or a book. Still, we can develop a predisposition for it, allowing the process of awakening to unfold like the petals of a flower, permitting the intelligent energy that feeds our soul to present opportunities in the needed timing. Then we can choose how we wish to learn our lessons to initiate the necessary changes to make life brighter. We can, with spiritual evolution, learn to control our fates.

This step alone can take us a lifetime to explore – and is crucial to living an illuminated life - but why waste that much time!

Some questions to ponder on your journey so far:-

  • How aware are you that you are energy?
  • How do you use your energy – are you serene and clear?
  • Have you activated your feelings to enable comprehension and avoid overwhelm?
  • How do you value your energy – are you clear on sincerity and loyalty?
  • Do you waste your energy and time?
  • And, the big one…. how do you get more energy (without using stimulants)?

Each of us is involved in the process of stretching our aura back into shape and regaining its point instead of living with a round and generally undirected soul shape. This is what delivers a clear direction that aligns with our soul path in life. There are no exceptions to this spiritual law. Although initially, it may not present as a feel-good happening, with sincerity and commitment to investing time and passion into unfolding you, its ultimate changes are miraculous.

You were born knowing your ‘feelings’ (that deeply centred knowingness) and were able to follow those feelings to have your needs met. You developed your ‘intellect’ (your thinking brain and egoic mind) as you’ve progressed through your life cycles.

Part of our journey is about overcoming our programming to follow innately what we feel, heal influences that have given us limited beliefs, and embrace that you are omnipotent – pure love, pure joy, and pure light.

Our ‘programming’ is shaped by personal, family and cultural beliefs often formed in our first seven years. These belief systems can divert us in a different direction than our spiritual path, where we are wasting time chasing fairy tales or limited ideas about who we are, our potential and why we are here. We live in a society that is made up of ever-changing ticky-tacky boxes ignited by competition, religious beliefs and science experiments, all of which can be a confusing passage to navigate.

Our programming may make us feel we have to fit in. We instead need to play the game of life and not get caught in it. We can get caught up by what society dictates through media, greed, peer group pressure. Awakening is often about finding your passion in life, not being directed by what society is projecting at us, that you can play the game of Planet Earth without getting caught up in it.

Do you acknowledge yourself as a Soul, and do you believe in death? As a Soul, you are eternal with a wealth of wisdom from many lifetimes. Death is only death of this lifetime; this body, our current intellect developed through our experience only this lifetime (and we have had many over eons of time). When we have little understanding about who we are, where we are going, and why we are here, we can experience foreboding about death. Once we have the realities of our Soul part, we can relax into a state of being confident of where we are going and why.

For this lifetime, you’ve incarnated with a destiny and a plan to evolve. Here are a few questions to think about:

  • Are you fulfilling that destiny?
  • Are you doing what you came to do?
  • Are you healing, learning and growing?
  • Are you sharing and inspiring others?
  • Do you have compassion for yourself and others?

We encourage you to be honest about your programming and limiting beliefs and commit to healing them to release your potential to achieve an extraordinary life beyond what is predictable.

A tendency on this planet at present is to believe that being positive, practising mindfulness or mediation is being enlightened. However, as we begin to evaluate truly, you may find this type of healing is only skin deep. It is a great beginning and where we all start the trek up the mountain to reach enlightenment.

To make changes however that affect your destiny, we must dig into real honesty about our life, our programming, limited beliefs and those experiences that do not make us feel good or feel fulfilled, and ensure the cover-ups we invent that dilute the powerful being we are acknowledged, understood and truly healed. Then we can take that regrouping into our next incarnation at a higher level of consciousness.

And don’t we all want a brighter future!



Often we set goals and more goals only to find that we never reach them. There are currently 1,230,000,000 books on goal setting and more released every month. So here’s the question – if these books were delivering the answers to the fulfilment we are seeking, why so many? Of course, setting and meeting goals is part of the journey, but ensuring that the end-game of what we are seeking is aligned to our soul part may be a vital key to getting the right answers for ourselves.

We need to learn more about how our intellect can upstage our pure intentions. So many emotional blocks come to inhibit our direction.

We are usually to some large or small percentage still living our programming from our early life, and if it did not include success in the things we are aiming for, it would be difficult to overcome this.

The first goal is to look at what blocks us. Discover and understand your limiting concepts or fears that surface at varying crucial times in your life, making you feel disempowered, creating negative feelings and experiences that block you and subsequently affecting your destiny.

The secret to living a purposeful life that fits with your ‘soul identity’ and your destiny is revealing and releasing limitations and gaining profound freedom to accelerate your life and spiritual growth. To live a life you dream of – spirited, energetic, involved and inspired.



Our past can affect us detrimentally without our being consciously aware of it. We can feel emotion without knowing why. There may have been many traumas that we may have forgotten or buried as too significant a burden to deal with, or we may not remember our childhood. Since it is the most crucial chapter in our life, we must reveal it as soon as possible to our conscious awareness. With our consciousness maturity, we then have little difficulty dealing with it.

There are many tools and techniques to work through healing our beliefs, concepts, limitations, blockages, and the mind, body, and soul. This journey of life has been perfectly set up to help us do that. Attune your energy to find the solutions. Know that it is all within you. Although often a practice, course, program, book, soul teacher, workshop, or keeping a journal can help fast-track your progress, evolvement and success.

There is a famous saying by Winston Churchill that observes how most do not achieve evolvement of their soul:-

“Men occasionally stumble over the truth, but most of them pick themselves up and hurry off as if nothing happened.”

Your misdeeds and misfortunes are not you. Each of those you deliberately or indiscriminately inhibit the memory of has a multidimensional and universal explanation, the discovery of which, with a focus on living your destiny, can ultimately help calibrate your energy into who you really are – your authentic self. The commitment to healing your path stimulates a desire to unfold the truth of this energy identity and to open to the realisation that within your energy, you are perfection.

Healing your past clarifies your inner truth, identifies any misunderstandings you may believe about your life, your habits, your character, your integrity, your confidence, depression, judgment, or imperfection and their influences that may reside in you. Imagine doing that!



We can only move forward from here by committing to our soul’s reason for being here on Planet Earth to self-discovery and heal the past. At first, it may feel surreal, but once you begin the journey, its benefits astound you.

Your power begins to rise, as does your inner authority.

This is achieved through your energy information. You begin to download information from a big picture understanding through your unique gifts of communication, which is vital to your growth.

Of course, on this journey, you explore your limitations and heal misunderstandings about who you are, where you came from and where you are going. You awaken to an acknowledgement of your true self to unfold and embrace your unique path and purpose as a soul.

When you undertake such work, you bring about a paradigm shift in your consciousness. You gain a greater sense of loyalty to yourself and learn to respect others as reflections of yourself. The best selling novelist Paulo Coelho states:

“Freedom is not the absence of commitments, but the ability to choose – and commit myself to – what is best for me”

Would you like to heal and reveal:

  • Your inner self and its potential?
  • Your ambitions to redefine your life?
  • What intentional actions to take?
  • How to achieve your desired level of fulfilment?
  • The advancement of yourself, redefined, focused and directed
  • Acknowledgement of your soul part that delivers your destiny.

Kristy Kaye in ‘The Constitution of Our Soul’ inspires the journey to know about our soul journey and how it will help, and quotes:-

“The beauty of who you are is knocking at your door, demanding to be let in. Open the door; there is nothing to fear there. It is you who are knocking at your door. Let you into your life, you will discover the pathways to the most profound and nurturing love with the evolvement of your truth. You will walk tall, feel confident, have compassion, live fulfilment, be contented, be magnanimous, be omnipotent, and understand your immortality. Is there really any other choice”.



Albert Einstein, the theoretical physicist who discerned the relativity theory ‘E-mc2’, and the theory of quantum mechanics was an energy-geek and a man of exceptional achievements. In 1095, he had a ‘miracle year’ where he published four ground breaking papers that changed the trajectory of the world. Over his lifetime he published 300 papers and was obviously a man of supreme intelligence and passionate about energy. He stated:

“The intellect has little to do on the road to discovery. There comes a leap in consciousness, call it intuition or what you will, the solution comes to you and you don’t know how or why”. 

How do you discover and follow your feelings first and trust your intuition is guiding you to a path of your own miracles? This is not easy. Your ‘feelings’ are your soul part, and often our fears and programming can make us ignore them lest they get in the way of our ambition. Feelings are not to be confused with emotions, however (see step 8).

Our ‘intellect’ we can call our thinking nature. It is our intellect developed in this lifetime from our experience with this life only. Think of a newborn baby and how it has to grow its brain pathways through experiencing its environment. Our intellect governs our thoughts. These thoughts can be easily influenced by others or misplaced ideals if we do not discern our feelings for whether they are truthful or beneficial. By now, we have probably trained our intellect to answer any challenges we may have in life, even though our feelings may be screaming for us to do something different.

Our feeling nature works with our sensitivity and senses the truth giving us gut impressions. We must listen to our feelings. That is through using patience to distract our intellect first or wait till it exhausts itself.

Usually, feeling impressions come first. Our feelings, the seat of our soul, must be acknowledged. To try to make our intellect be our feelings is extremely dangerous. One is emotional – our intellectual feelings, which keep us captivated by confused ideas and ideals and the other, our true feelings guide us to follow our inner truth. Ask yourself:

  • Can you distinguish your feelings from your thoughts?
  • Have you developed a strong inner compass that you can trust with confidence?
  • What if you could activate and experience direct and profound communication with your Guidance?

 To find out more, read our article ’10 Ways to Identify Your Feeling Nature to Live an Illuminated Life.’



William Wordsworth, the English poet, left us with a beautiful saying:

“We have within ourselves enough to fill the present day with joy, and overspread the future years with hope.”

Time is important to us. When we have negated illusion’s grip on us, we can shun influences that take our time and energy and live a very successful, peaceful and contented life. Yet, most of us waste a lot of it on things that don't give us fulfilment.

How can you use time more wisely? Ask yourself what you are passionate about? Begin to shift more of your time into that. Make sure it is not on social media wasting your precious time on trivia.

What is it your present life denies you? Ask some meaningful questions about your time. Imagine it to be money and find out if you would spend your money on that.

When you organise your time into priorities, you will find a lot more time for you to live your purpose.

Your purpose is to find out who you are and why you are really here on Planet Earth. Once you establish that, you are ready to do the fun part, which is to live that purpose.

Don't just do things you are good at; it could be accomplished tasks from a previous lifetime, which no longer inspire you. Only settle for those things that motivate and impassion you.

There is always a place you are meant to be. If there is no energy for where you are, then it is not the right place. Be loyal to yourself and follow your dream. Don't make it be about anybody else, as that is false passion.

Indeed, it can send you adrift for much of your lifetime.

Get back on track and find out what your sole purpose is. Don't wait for others to get on your bandwagon – it is for you, not them. There is no togetherness when we live as a soul. We have those people we need from time to time and that we journey with, including partners. Not always is everything about being a couple at the expense of what we are meant to do for ourselves, which seems to have a big, confused following.

Love is the outflow of feeling, not emotion and is giving that unconditionally without expecting anything back. The other is not love, but interest, and that is something vastly different.

How can we be loyal to ourselves and follow our journey?

How can we be compassionate, kind and of service to others’ journey without expecting them in return?



Whenever you are baffled by life or people in your life, find a quiet space to meditate and when you are relaxed, get keywords. You can do this by writing down the first word that pops into your head. They may not make sense immediately but persevere, and eventually, they can become profound when you make a sentence of them.

Just like our body, our soul needs maintenance. This can be done through regrouping. Keywords, Goals and sentences can be amazing ways to clear your head and release unwanted emotion.

One needs to find a quiet place where you are alone.

In this space, write down some words that come without thinking. They do not have to mean anything to you as they are more likely messages from your guidance if they don't.

When you have one for your day and one for your goals, you can make sentences of both. Put them together in a small paragraph. Meditate on them.

Later in your day, come back to them and reassess their meaning. Use these keywords daily, and they will grow into an essential part of your daily routine.

For inspiration, take one question a day to explore from our article ’30 Questions to Ask in Your Meditations for the Next 30 days.



Our most significant challenges in life are our emotions. These are the feelings of the intellect, which are false feelings. We already are 90% feelings, so when our intellect tries to manufacture them, it confuses us, and we can feel disconnected from who we are.

There are ways to beat this: we can cut and clear our energy from the person or people who make us feel insecure or angry or any other emotion our intellect has manufactured.

Our misunderstandings can make us expect people to be a certain way or do a host of things they may not want to. We may have been taught to expect instead of accepting people as they are. We can’t change people, so it is pointless to be disappointed in their actions. There are more constructive ways to help them.

To learn more, go to our article ‘Why Is Unplugging from the Matrix Important?”



This is an old religious belief system that we owe people our unswerving devotion in our life.

It is ok to help people if they ask us and we have discerned that we really want to – then there is energy for it. But to devote ourselves to others at the expense of our own desire to live our purpose is not conducive to the happiness of either person.

This may make us become resentful because we can’t do what we want to do and the other person or people can become dependent because we have taken opportunity away from them to discover their own solutions and to grow in confidence of learning from their own mistakes. They can become dissatisfied and may demand more and more. Ever had someone in your life like that? However, there are always solutions available to benefit all parties to change circumstances where loyalty to self is in play, because that works for everyone.

We need to re-evaluate how we feel about this rather than follow an old, worn-down track of living for values outside of ourselves.

You are never going to be good at this unless it is part of your passion.  Ask yourself:

  • Does it feel good to live this obligation?
  • Are you looking for approval from others?
  • Are you afraid of others condemnation if you don't?
  • Do you believe there will be a punishment if you don't?
  • Ask yourself if you have a duty to outside loyalties to authority figures or something else?


If these answers are in the affirmative, then it is something you are not ready to change, or currently you have a situation you can’t change. It may be to wrap up a past life, and you are led to it by your feelings.

If it is in the negative, then it may not be in your best interest to continue without first discerning its implications. We may be meddling in someone’s learning lessons and deprive them of it.

There are so many ways that obligations not anchored to feelings can hurt our direction and purpose.

You will kill your potential success in life if you live like this. You will be tied to the past with no way of severing it. You are working for an unknown master that is emotionally blackmailing you by stimulating obligation. This unknown master will probably be a confused soul in your energy, making you believe that their words are your confused thoughts.

Find out the facts! Your facts! Go back to step 2 to clarify where you fit with your modus operandi for life. There are things you will change what you realise their implications. When you are committed to your self-discovery, you can change what doesn't fit your new state of consciousness.



There is a wise old saying that we like any game we understand the rules. The same can be said of life. We can handle any situation that we understand.

When we don't understand, we can become emotional, even angry.

There is always a bigger picture of all the circumstances of our life: our breakups, deaths, accidents, and any unexpected and unwelcome turn of events.

We have our team of master souls/angels/universal guidance rallying to find the answers we need for our lifetime purpose to heal, learn and grow. Often we mistake the drift towards living comfort zones as a priority for the real direction in our life.

Our guidance may have given us countless messages about change, but fear or other reasons may have misdirected us.

When we have those other kinds of experiences that we do not expect or want, our feelings, our soul part are to blame. Our feelings keep going on their chosen path, but our intellect may be intent on going somewhere else. There will be a clash of wills, and since our soul is immortal, it will always win.

That is why we must understand that there is a bigger picture perspective that we need to begin to unravel.

How do we do this? 

  • We need to align ourselves with our feelings. Let them talk to us and discover ourselves. Our feelings are always the bigger picture we are looking for.
  • The benefits are clarity, confidence, accomplishing more in less time,
  • and experiencing greater fulfilment, abundance and freedom in our life.

Over the next few months, we will explore each of these in further detail. If you can’t wait that long, then reach out through our website www.livingillumination.com or by connecting with us in person.

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