How Do I Awaken - The Seeds of Our Search

How Do I Awaken - The Seeds of Our Search

By Kristy Kaye

It is helpful to ask yourself these 18 illuminating questions:

  1. Where do I come from?
  2. Where am I going?
  3. Why am I here on planet Earth?
  4. Does my life have ups and downs? If so, why?
  5. Who is pulling the strings (making my fate, so to speak)?
  6. Why do I have a lifetime? What is having one all about?
  7. Why don’t things happen for me?
  8. Who do things happen to me?
  9. Where does fate come from?
  10. Why do we get old?
  11. Why do we get sick?
  12. Why do we die?
  13. Why are we all different?
  14. Is there a God? If there is, what is he/she doing all day?
  15. Why isn’t God fixing things?
  16. Why do I want to know about my soul identity?
  17. How can it possibly help me?
  18. How can I exchange foresight for hindsight?

Kristy Kaye, in her remarkable book ‘The Constitution of Our Soul’, suggests the awakening path lies in knowing yourself. Not the you that you think you are, but rather, the who you really are – your hidden and true identity. She quotes:

“Is there anyone else it would benefit you more to invest in than yourself?
If you are truly honest you will have leapt to the awareness it is always only about you. You can’t really appreciate others if you have not made the necessary discoveries of yourself. Equally, you can’t receive love, despite how much you believe you are surrendering, if you don’t love yourself. It is a hollow gesture. It’s one of those universal laws we can’t bend.”

You are a reflection of your environment, and it is a mirror image of you. Awareness of yourself automatically allows you to understand your world. The "What is the Best Way to Spiritual Enlightenment” article outlines a bigger picture understanding.

Have you ever seen anyone have a perfect life? Is your life perfect? If not, you may have the same enquiries as many others, particularly when you are sincere in unfolding your spiritual path and begin to question the world around you. You already hold the answers of relevance to your hidden identity. The real question that requires a ‘YES’ is: Are you willing to inject time and passion into unfolding yourself?

You may have begun your search a long time ago or have recently stumbled onto it. It doesn’t matter. All of us are amazing souls with unlimited potential. It is necessary for us to know our inner truth, which will help us revitalise our energy. Each day offers a possibility of doing this in a new cultivated way, building upon our yesterdays. Questions to keep exploring for deeper understandings are:-

  • What if life is not so perfect?
  • Why do things happen to you?
  • Why don’t things happen for you?
  • Where does luck come from?
  • Where does fate come from?
  • Why do we get old?
  • Why do we get sick?

Your life is always speaking to you. No experience you have any had is ever wasted. How do you turn your wounds into wisdom? Being honest about your misunderstandings instead of living cover-ups is a significant step to healing your life. To truly make changes, we must dig into absolute honesty about our life and our concepts of misunderstandings that have diluted the powerful being we are.

This deep inquiry to clarify your inner truth will help you identify any misunderstanding you may believe about your life, habits, character, integrity, confidence, depression, judgment, or imperfection and their influences that may be residing in you. Imagine if you decide to invest in the real you; the steps on this pathway can enable you to regain your flawlessness. The soul begins to heal and expand in the seeing (awareness), accepting, surrendering, forgiving, and in gratitude, for all the situations and opportunities we have in life.

How we think – our thoughts – makes us emotional, which is where our ups and downs come from. If we expect, assume, and demand, we have nothing but disappointments, frustrations and anger. The solution is to change that to a feeling perspective, which is all about gratitude for the opportunities we have in life and making changes to what we innately know demands a paradigm shift. Investing in truth sows the seeds of inner serenity. The wisdom tree it sprouts will ascend to whatever height you as a soul permit it to.

We are our soul part. It is responsible for our life’s encounters. How we think and act determines how our life works. We, our feelings, our soul part, dictates how our life unfolds. If we listen to our inner truth and follow it, life is wonderful and abundant, building upon success after success. If we don’t, we have learning lessons that our feelings, using their magnetic energy, pull us toward because we are wasting our lifetime. Hence, change must happen to realign us.  

It is always about YOU. When we take responsibility for whatever life is, we can take control back and not drift along like a ship without a rudder. We can further reclaim our spiritual real estate and bring our expedition back to our omnipotence.  In healing, we carve out a pathway to freedom. We live the joy this delivers us.

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