Using The Eye of Our Soul to Expand Our Sensitivity & Success

Using The Eye of Our Soul to Expand Our Sensitivity & Success 

By Kristy Kaye

No man can teach another self-knowledge.  He can only lead him or her up to self-discovery – the source of truth.”

You may, if you have read my book The Constitution of Our Soul or read my previous blogs or have awakened to self-understanding through your own investigation, agree that we have two natures: one to direct our physical opportunity (our body) and one to navigate the big picture spiritual purpose for being here on Planet Earth (our soul).

As we absorb the truth of this we can also begin to accept that we have two intellects with as much disparity between them as our two natures.  

The intellect of our physical opportunity is the one that we are most familiar with.  We use it everyday to organize our life.   For many of us it may be our entire reality.  We may have believed until recently that our life in the world was determined by how refined our physical intellect had become:  how much knowledge we had squashed into it, refined into useable information and retained.  We may panic if we can’t remember things on a need-to-use basis, believing we have hit the doom and gloom button or hit the bottom of our reality. 

You may be surprised to discover you have another intellect that is all-knowing, all-powerful and retains everything that happens always, even the details of the most horrific memories you may try to erase in your search for peace of mind.  

This other intellect is part of your soul.  The immortal quality or nature that you have not been officially educated to access (except in extra curriculum activities we seek out ourselves) or through life’s learning lessons when the pathway to it you may stumble upon.  (There are few colleges with the right information willing to educate you without offering you a controlled future),

If the intellect of our soul is so powerful, why then don't we use it?  

That is a good question and one neither I, nor I believe anyone else, can adequately answer.  

Everyone who has stumbled on it, or consciously taken a pathway to unfold their two natures with any kind of refinement, has certainly written about it or shared copious amounts of the wisdom of their experiences using it.   It is that type of revelation, like a near death experience you feel compelled to share with others.   

Using this intellect is not going to be an overnight solution for people with memory problems.  It takes time to tune it to our conscious life.  But if you want to refine all aspects of your life and increase your awareness of what is available for you to use, it is welcome news. 

Where do you begin?

Sensitivity is the intellect of our soul.  It is here that we commence our journey of awareness by using our sensitivity in an intelligent factual way to benefit ourselves.

If you have ever felt nervousness, apprehension, anxiety, fear, dread, discomfort in certain situations, this is your sensitivity working.  The problem is that its messages are not being property translated.  You feel something but because you are unfamiliar with this nature of your soul and how it operates, you translate its natural 24-hour processing and delivering of information into fear instead of discernment.   

What is the difference? 

There can be an enormous inconsistency between what we think and what we feel.  The information that our knowledge-based intellect produces is inconsistent with the truth of what we are feeling because it is unable to discern.  It will then attempt to use its programming to make all kinds of wild guesses or fear based fantasies instead of useable facts.  It is like trying to research information through an internet forum which is full of conflicting opinions and half truths. 

When we are inexperienced in our ability to discern, we need to ask our angels or higher selves “What is the what, the ‘when’, the ‘where’ and the ‘why’ of what I am feeling?”  

We then need to wait for these replies through a relaxed meditative system of communication.   It may take days or months to unfold depending on our level of consciousness or in other words our ability to process the answers.  The subsequent messages we may receive in key words, feeling impressions, inner knowing or visions.   

We have begun!  

We are on the road to the most powerful, innovative, life transformation available on the planet!   Our sensitivity is like our voice, our ears, our intelligence, our sense of touch – it is all over us pulsating every moment of our life uninterrupted and predominantly unintelligible until we take conscious (awakened) steps to understand what it is transmitting to us. 

When we do the results produce unimaginable life elevations.   The “truth” itself is the most powerful weapon in our armory against everything that confronts us.  We have to use our sensitivity to learn how to hold such a weapon and use it for our greater understanding of ourselves and the environment around us.    Beyond it are all those wonderful feelings of fulfillment, contentment, serenity, inner peace etc. 

What can you do now?

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